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Anyone know of pleasure flights/helicoper from St foy la grande or Bergerac.

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Hello All,   I have recently moved to Bordeaux where I am doing an internship as part of my studies at the University of Bath. I will stay until august/september. I have heard that there is lots of beautiful areas for horseriding so I was wondering if anyone could set me up. I have ridden all my life apart from the last two years so I might be a bit rusty. I had an icelandic horse but have also ridden bigger horses. Does anyone need help exercising their horses on a casual basis? I am a good rider, just a bit rusty as I said. I would love to go out on the horse on weekends or evenings as I work all week. I am willing to travel a bit but I don't have a car. I saw that there's some stables that do lessons too but it would be great to help someone out, do some casual riding and get to know fellow expats! Thanks for any help in advance! Nele xxx

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Does anyone know of any practising falconers (French or otherwise) - and by that I mean who actually hunt quarry? I am an experienced falconer, but have been told that I have to pass all the Chasse exams to hunt with a bird.

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HI  I am new to the Dordogne, have found a golf club near Vergt, and now looking for someone to play to odd round of golf, the club is lovely.  Golf course is great, nice cafe, and I am a beginner, who generally can keep a ball on the fairways.  It would be lovely to have someone else to play with.   MY email is hypno4birth@googlemail.com   Thanks

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I have three horses but unfortunately there is only one of me, so if you are a competent rider who lives near Bergerac and would be interested in riding out with me, please get in touch!!!

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I am just getting back into mountain biking after 7 years off and would like to join up with a fellow cyclist or two for some regular rides out.  I live in Cuneges, which is 12km SW of Bergerac and don't mind travelling a bit.  I would be quite happy to do some road rides as I appreciate that road cycling dominates around here, although I wouldn't want to hold anyone up as I am no Bradley Wiggins. All replies appreciated.

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There is a small group of (mostly French runners) that go out Wed and Fri evening for 6/8 kms in Mussidan (in town during the winter - country/off road in the summer). Varying levels but none of us super quick. We also run races together. Come and join us, we meet in the car park next to the fire station at 7.30pm.

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When I look at SNCF bookings on line I ask for return but the price seems always to be for Aller and no indication of return is shown.   I assume that the price shown, only 39.00 euros for two senior to Bordeaux ,can only be one way but where would I find the return journey itemised?

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I might be wrong - apologies if I am - but you should be able to watch the game on the following link. It's in Italian but, for me, better than paying for Sky sports !! http://www.video.mediaset.it/dirette-web/243/sportmediaset_championsleague.shtml      

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I have two lovely arab horses and am looking for someone to hack out with me as it's more fun, safer and the horses prefer it.  They are 15.1 and 15.3, not youngsters (13 and 18), well mannered and both ridden regularly but not a novice ride so someone with confidence and experience although we would of course be taking things steady.  I live in southern Dept 17, south of Montguyon.  If you are interested please email me direct for more info thanks

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Does anyone have experience of really quiet bed and breakfast in Bordeaux?   Osecy

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I'm wanting information on Carp fishing within a 20 mile radius of Thiviers. I moved over here in April 2012 from UK where I used to fish for carp. I'm wanting to start fishing again here in Dordogne in 2013 season. Any advice anyone?

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Could anyone give me some advice on sailing schools for children?  I am wondering if Hourtin is a better place to be located for a 2 week summer break or Arcachon. 

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Hi, I'm looking for English speaking cyclists to go for the occassional ride with. I've recently got back into road cycling after 10 years or so. I'm currently doing 2-3 rides per week covering 40-50km each ride. I'm 41 so not as spritely as I used to be but am keen to get back to fitness. I live in the Thiviers area but can travel as I have a bike rack for the car.

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Does anyone know where to get info on the tracks where and when they meet. Also any contacts for the associations that run it.

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Does anyone know a ballroom dancing teacher or a ballroom dancing course in the vicinity of Lauzun  please (47410)?

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We joined the tennis club at Bergerac last year, but have not found anyone to play mixed doubles or doubles with, the members seem to prefer singles. I played back in Wales and found the clubs have a more 'social' side to them, after all there's nothing wrong with a beer after a game is there! We live in between La Force and Le Fleix, are both recently retired and play average club tennis, so if anyone knows of a suitable tennis club please let us know. Thanks.

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Anyone know of fitness/aerobics classes in Bergerac, or Perigueux areas?  Really cannot stand gyms and don't want Pilates.

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Scottish crowd booing dan carter when taking penalty kicks, rude and unsporting behaviour. Can't say I'm surprised though……

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iOS Toby flood do superior now that he can't be bothered to sing the national anthem?

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