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I am a cellist planning to move to France and am trying to find out where there are any good standard amateur orchestras or chamber groups that I would be able to join, as this would influence where I decide to live. Any help would be much appreciated. PMD

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Hi All, I am looking to buy a decent pool table. English super league type. Any offers? The truth may not always be palatable, but it is always the truth

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Hi there ! Im looking for someone to give saxophone lessons in my area. I live in Perigueux and near Thiviers so either town, or somewhere in between would be fine. Although my French is fluent and a French teacher would be fine, perhaps an English speaking teacher might be preferable. Ive been given the name of Richard Blewitt by a local music shop but no phone number and I cant find any trace of him in the annuaire or on Google. Can anyone help ? Thanks in advance ...neil

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Does anyone know where there is a steam museum or whatever where I can take a friend who plays with stem things in the U.K., We have been to the railway at Guitres but are there any others please?

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Any coarse fishing expats in the Thenon / Montignac area willing to give the location of local fishing venues?

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Does anyone know of a badminton club or anywhere to rent a court in the Vergt/ Le Bugue area? My 10 year old's developed an interest and I'm keen to encourage it.. Thanks

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Hello. Is there a pool team out there who can use two half decent players this coming season. Preferably in the Montpon/Mussidan area. We appear to have lost our team and we need to play competitively. G.The truth may not always be palatable,but it is always the truth

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Does anyone know of a local weight watchers club, either near Perigueux, Riberac or Bergerac thanks

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Does anyone know of a good indoor pool for regular swimming near St.Astier area Perigueux?

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I have a full size snooker table. I live in Villereal and I am looking for people to come and play - afternoons or evenings

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Hi, I have a Wanderer dinghy stored in a dinghy sailing club at Sanguinet. It has been there, unused, for 2 years due, unfortunately to my husband's illness/death. I have been sailing most of my life (I am 59), and would like to meet an experienced dinghy sailor, of similar age, who would be interested in regular Lake sailing. Pamela Pamela

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Hi, can anyone tell me of any squash/badminton clubs in the Miramon area? Thanks

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Hi.Is anybody aware of any restrictions/requirements for buying an air rifle for target practice on own land. Anywere to buy such within dept 24? Thanks

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Hi, I am a Bobbin Lacemaker living near Cancon. Is there anyone out there how would like to learn to make lace or already does and wants to learn more. Then give me call on 0629132433 or email: christine.a.clark@hotmail.co.uk

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Dont know if this is the right place to post this but here goes. I have french tv and love formula one but a my French is not to good I want to find a Internet radio station that broadcast the race in English, thought I have found one on Sunday radio 5 live but as soon as the race started a womens voice came on telling me I couldn't listen to the race due to not being in England! So does anyone know of a English speaking radio/tv station on the internet you can get the race live? Thanks

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We've recently moved to Sarlat and have a six-year-old son. Can anyone recommend a local karate or judo club for children of his age? Jenny

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Can anybody help I am trying to find out the law on metal detecting in France, as I have a friend coming to stay & they want to do some. Many thanks Keith & Bridget Willcox

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Hi All, My wife is interested in buying a pair of Ariat Grasmere Riding Boots, but wonders if there is anywhere in this region that sells them. She would obviously like to try before buying as sizing can be different between different manufacturers. Thanking you in advance. Paul

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