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Does anyone know of an archery club in or near Ste. Foy La Grande? I am told there is one in Eymet but I can not find any info about it. My wife and I would love to start shooting again....but not at each other. Terry. Terry CorderyAnother retired teacher.

started by: Shamrock-98781 · last update: 1209587032 · posted: 1207006695

Hi, Can anyone tell me if there are any English speaking Tai Chi, Pilates or Yoga classes in the N. Dordogne/ S. Haute-vienne areas?

started by: IngB-97110 · last update: 1209469567 · posted: 1204566900

After many years of road cycling I have not done much since coming to France in July 07 (house hunting has taken up most of our time). We have now bought a house and hopefully things will settle down a bit and the weather improving. I don't mind riding on my own some of the time, but there would be nice to have someone to ride with too. Is there anyone in the area of Sarlat/Périgueux/Lalinde who is interested in going for weekly/bi-weekly rides please contact me and we can have a chat. Regards, IngB

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Can anyone help me, I am looking to join a gym for the 4 months I am in France, any idea of gyms near SOS dept 47 Carol

started by: Flutterby-99281 · last update: 1209031821 · posted: 1208986692

My boys are driving me crazy for Karate lessons. We live near Ste foy La Grande. If you know of any, please let me know. Many thanks

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Has anyone out there got a rowing machine they are wanting to sell? Tel 05 53 56 94 49Nettie

started by: red griff 500-97956 · last update: 1208300286 · posted: 1208300286

We have recently bought a holiday home in the Perigord Noir and would like to know if there are any walking groups/guided walks/walking books in english coverinng this area. We are near St Cyprien but don't mind travelling.

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Hello, does anyone know where I can buy a large (14ft) trampoline and safety net, in the area, most I have looked at are 550€ thankslynn

started by: Gail-96027 · last update: 1208080706 · posted: 1208080706

I am looking for a cross trainer/elipitcal trainer. I am between Perigueux and Riberac and will travel up to 50k to collect. Thanks Gail

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Hello Would anyone be interested in Yoga classes taught in English. I know we all want to improve our French but sometimes when in a deep state of relaxation left elbow to right knee breath out is just easier in English. I've just been staying with a friend in Spain she is a fully qualified teacher and has run a yoga school for several years. She'd be interested in doing a residential workshop over several days in the Brocéliande (56) Brittany Would anyone be interested? let me know ciao for now

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I am looking for a reflexologist in the general area around Perigueux/Sarlat/Lalinde/Bergerac/Le Bugue etc. If you know of anyone, or if you are one, can you please let me know by email. I know that is is not possible to recommend anyone on the Forum. Thanks in advance.

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Could any one tell me where model radio controlled aircraft can be flown around Villeneuve sur lot. BJ

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Hi, We have a visitor over for a week who would like to get in some fishing if possible. Is there anywhere in the Monflanquin area that you can hire tackle and fish? Or, failing that, does anyone know of anywhere slightly further afield? Thanking you in anticipation, Paul

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An informal painting/sketching meet is held every Tuesday lunchtime (11:30 to 15:00) at the restaurant 'La Truffe D'Or' 24380 St Mayme de Pereyrol (Near to Vergt). It is a chance to meet, chat and get inspiration from other like-minded folk For more info contact simon.clayton@orange.fr or www.latruffedor.blogspot.com or angloinfo whats on pages.

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Is anyone teaching salsa in 33 or similar dance...would like to make contact with the group or teacher. jjj

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Hi one and all - Bonne Annee.............Can anyone tell me where I could buy a pair of roller boots..........not the inline skates - because I might fall and break my neck or something else vital!!!! But proper four wheel boots? Speaking of inline skates - does anyone (of a certain age (45 )) have any experience of these? I can ice skate and I am told that inline skating is similar to ice skating? Can they be used on any surface? Any advice appreciated - as 2008 is the year I am going to shock my body back into shape!! Thanks

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Wales are doing well this year. Come on wales show them that we can do it.

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By mistake a mail arrived as junk fro happybee[or similar] and was delighted before able to view....therfore unable to replply.Can you please resend.from a musicician??? jjj

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Does anyone out there belong to a SCUBA club in dept 24. I have done a lengthy search on the internet and the only web-sites I have found are years out of date. We would like to brush up our skills before going on holiday in a couple of weeks time. We are both PADI advanced quailified but have not dived since moving to France 5 years ago. We have full kit except tanks and weights. (typical holiday divers). French speaking is not a problem. Perhaps you might also know where I could get a Suunto dive computer serviced in the Aquitaine region as well. Alex Wright

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I have heard that England is playing France in an international rugby game this weekend in Bergerac! Surely this is a mistake!!    

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