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Hello all, my partner and I are planning to take a drive down to Biarritz for the day. Aside from the beach, are there any other interesting places to see or things to do?

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We have just arrived in France, and are living in Orthez. My wife and I are keen line dancers. Does anyone know of any line dancing classes or clubs in the area? We'll be very grateful to receive any info. Thanks from BenBen

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Any fellow boaters out there I've put some pics on this site of last summer en Charente: http://community.webshots.com/user/angeladarlington Best wishes Angela http://www.myspace.com/chewtheroots

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Hi, does anyone know about the rugby club in Riberac-my 15yr old is keen to get back into it.  Also, for my 12yr old, we're looking for a hockey club-does anyone know of one? We are in South Charente but near to Riberac area, where I think there'll be more hope of finding clubs. Thanks

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Hello there. We are moving to Montpon on 1st Feb. I love a game of pool. Are there any pool players around? Any bars with a pooltable?Cheers, JorgiThe truth may not always be palatable,but it is always the truth

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Does anyone know anything about a new golf course being built near Condat, dept 47? I'd really like to know more as I've heard there's gonna be a 5 star hotel with a spa.... any info would be very much appreciated. :)

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Hi, I have overindulged somewhat since moving here and although I was out and about cycling a little and walking, etc. - now winter is here I am finding it difficult to keep fit. Does anybody know of a gym with running machines/weight and or a personal trainer/yoga type teacher in the Nontron - Piegut ish area? I know there is a pool going to be built in Nontron but I need and enjoy/miss an actual gym environment. It is the only way I seem to be motivated to go. I would be grateful for any info. Thanks x

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Hi I am moving to Aquitaine in spring next year and wonder if there are any ex-pat cricket teams I could join in Biarritz/Bayone/Hossegor areas? Thanks Nigel Jo & Nigel

started by: johnabamford-98016 · last update: 1193049003 · posted: 1193049003

Bass player and drummer wanted for Anglo-French group based in Domme near Sarlat (Dordogne/Lot Region). We play covers of French/American/English music including traditional, R&R, R&B, blues, etc.

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O.K... I am from and live in Bermuda with my French husband and 9 year old son. Our 15 year old attends The Bordeaux international School. He lives with my father-in-law in Pessac and is having trouble finding a good junior football club to join. He was part of the Bermuda National squad so he is desperate to kick around. If anyone can assist with any info that would be great as I will be visiting him from october 25th to 30th and want to see what I can do. Thanks!!

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Please can anyone suggest the best place to buy Swimming Pool covers in the area of Bergerac through to Villeneuve.

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Hi all, I'm a New Zealander new to life in Bordeaux, and I wonder if there are any Kiwi's living in the region who would like to meet up to watch the rugby on Saturday? Obviously the invitation is not limited to Kiwi's but anyone who has a remote interest in rugby (even I'm not much of a fan, but the ingrained call to support my country seems to have appeared!) would be more than welcome! Gemma

started by: Maisy2001-96801 · last update: 1191525670 · posted: 1191438900

Hello everyone. i was wondering if anyone knew of anyone (french or english) in the Dordogne who knows how to glass blow. i am very interested and would love to give it a try. Thanks Maisy

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Any young surfers in the area? I have 2 girls aged 12 and 8 who are looking for english speaking friends to surf with through the winter. We are living in Bordeaux... Thanks, Barry

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Does anyone know of a field hockey club in the 65, 33, 40 area (s). I saw a posting of a club starting up in the Tarbe area but can't find it on the search. Thanks.

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Hi, I'm looking for a cookery course/class for children under the age of 12. Can anyone help? Preferably in the Perigieux/Brantome/Thivier triangle. Many thanks.

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With the world cup almost upon us,a post to sound out potential interest for a gathering of like-minded souls to meet to watch selected matches,accompanied by some interesting wines & food. I am talking about a match or matches where on a purely "cost-shared" basis we meet to enjoy the game/games & with a bit of luck manage to supplement the "Quality wine" with food relating to one or either of the sides involved. If there is interest out there,contact me...these wont be the cheapest evenings you have ever had but hopefully enjoyable.

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Has anyone been? Where can we find more information about it?

started by: tipsycat-97585 · last update: 1187778104 · posted: 1187564565

Hi, we're a family of 5, kids 5yrs,9yrs and 12 yrs - we live in South Brittany but need some sun!! So we're heading to your region next weekend for 1 week. We've trawled the AI directory, lots of nice looking places but so difficult to tell what they are really like from the websites.We're looking for a quality camp site with decent shower/loo blocks, good sized tent pitch (not too overcrowded) pool, and a site that's not too large and. If anyone has personal recommendations,that'd be greatly appreciated.

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Does anybody know if there is a SNCF equivalent of the cheap day return. All I want is a day trip to Toulouse but no matter how far ahead I try and book on their web site I am only offered the standard, quite expensive, fare. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Neville

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