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Some performance by Bayonne last night..... I'm a great fan of French rugby and physicality but did they really need to be so in your face? Should be good return match tomorrow France v England. England need to improve!

started by: Ramona-97575 · last update: 1187362593 · posted: 1187362593

Hi, We will be staying Souillac (East of Bergerac, North/East of Perigueux) for the month of September. My husband is interested in joining a travel photography group (or just meeting up with one or more people) interested in photography excursions. Many thanks, Ramona and Mitch Ramona

started by: wend-96342 · last update: 1185999634 · posted: 1179345751

Any info on where to buy trampolines for gardens around riberac/perigeux

started by: Neville-95328 · last update: 1185299897 · posted: 1185299897

Does anybody by chance have a table tennis table that they no longer want and would like to sell, cheaply. We live in Dept 24 near to Souillac. Neville

started by: julz-97403 · last update: 1184596233 · posted: 1184596233

Does anyone play Squash, near Periqueux.julz

started by: borderglen-97191 · last update: 1182787400 · posted: 1182693569

Hi i have just sarted fishing since moving to france, has anybody got any fishing gear, i.e. rods, reels, nets, floats etc for sale, please get in touch ThanksKJW

started by: lee&michelle-95733 · last update: 1177889059 · posted: 1177889059

If anyone has a universal sat box (not sky) you can get the match on Astra 1 E/H channel DSF sport For those without a box all is not lost, I have a couple for sale 50 euros each and i'll set up the channels ready for you sold boxed with remote

started by: simonvg-96658 · last update: 1177362326 · posted: 1174396229

For Field Hockey lovers, there is a friendly game every Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Batany Stadium (in front of Primrose Tennis Club). Interested ? Please, contact Simon (06 24 04 37 87 or calissurf@free.fr) More info on http://coupelapadu.free.fr/

started by: clin bond-96768 · last update: 1175842945 · posted: 1175842945

With a busy ahead, Eymet Cricket Club is looking for playing and social members. Please contact David Horlock, captain, on 05 53 24 11 40 (david.horlock@wanadoo.fr) or Clin Bond, president, on 05 53 93 00 89 (clinbond@tiscali.fr). First game, 'v' Bordeaux, at home 22 April. Next social event: car treasure hunt.

started by: Wilcox-94438 · last update: 1175006642 · posted: 1174640507

I must admit that it had slipped my mind. Perhaps the scant coverage by the French media? What jolted me of course, was the murder of Bob Woolmer by strangulation in his hotel room in Kingston. Stories of match fixing and bookies now surround the competition .. again. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6482981.stm

started by: neale cure-96384 · last update: 1174899701 · posted: 1174832934

please can anyone recommend any 10k/ half marathon races around region 33 anytime after easter? many thanks neale.cure

started by: mitze-95479 · last update: 1173876558 · posted: 1173876558

My husband who is a keen squash player is urgently looking for a regular game of squash at the courts at Champcevinel near Perigueux. He is a reasonable player and crazy about the game. Bergerac is a bit to far for him as we are living on the border of Dordogne, in St Severin, Charente. Anyone interested, please contact me urgently and he will get back immediately. Has raquets. Will travel! Mitze van Rixtel

started by: Neil Richards-94645 · last update: 1173873659 · posted: 1172579231

my mates and i are coming over for the rugby world cup in bordeaux in September and wanted to know if anyone can recommend some places to go or stay

started by: Whiskey Pilgrim-96571 · last update: 1173189008 · posted: 1173189008

IF your passing through the Basque Country on route to Santiago and you want to catch live World cup Rugby.The only bar with satellite Sports T.V. is Scanlan´s Tavern in Bizkaia.Gernika also has a Rugby club Slainte!!

started by: leicester-96549 · last update: 1172945837 · posted: 1172945837

can anyone recomend a good lake to fish for bream or tench as the rivers are to fast at the minite with all the rain i am in the villereal area

started by: MS-94696 · last update: 1171995110 · posted: 1171927235

A bit of a long shot but I desperately need tickets for the England vs Ireland rugby match at Croke Park on the 24th Feb 07. Can anyone help?

started by: neale cure-96384 · last update: 1171816431 · posted: 1171811268

I understand that there is a cricket team at La Brede. I am wondering if this is the closest to La Reole and can anyone give me any fixtures for 2007. Cheers Neale neale.cure

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Does anyone have any idea of how to create a boule pitch/field (?) i.e correct measurements etc, in the garden as we are thinking of putting one in for our own use and also that of our guests in the gites this year? Many thanks

started by: iantricker-96425 · last update: 1171194418 · posted: 1171194418

I am in dep 24 between montpon and mussidan. there are a group of us who ride enduro bikes and go for weekends or days out to find other good rides, if there is anyone with the same in mind or has a sugestion for a good ride, please let me know. Ian

started by: noyer-96132 · last update: 1170318833 · posted: 1170278524

please ,please are there any half decent golf courses near the brantome area .my son and grandsons are absolute fanatics .and good at the sport .or so they tell me!many thanks cordialament johnsi seulement j,avais plus d,argent

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