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I know there are probably plenty of field hockey clubs in the Dordogne, I just wondered if anyone here actually goes to them or plays in the area? I'm asking on behalf of a relative of mine who, while he speaks some French, does miss contact with other English people when he's in France and would love a game of hockey (in UK he plays h the 'vets'). Would be really grateful for any advice.

started by: chamm-95665 · last update: 1167272370 · posted: 1159243577

I will be moving to Pau in January, can anyone recommend a good bike shop and some local rides for me? Thanks. Chris

started by: NickW-95810 · last update: 1163316536 · posted: 1163259592

Can anyone help with information on squash clubs in the Bergerac area?

started by: Sasa-95743 · last update: 1161125218 · posted: 1160518823

Hi there, I'm living near the Jardin Public in Bordeaux and am looking for yoga or pilates classes(evenings/weekends) that aren't too far to get to. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance :)

started by: Julia-94396 · last update: 1160946230 · posted: 1148733383

Hi, I live in the Bordeaux area and would like to go to an ice-rink. What are they called in French and do they exist in Bordeaux? Has anyone ever been?

started by: vanessa-94358 · last update: 1160345853 · posted: 1160323832

I'm trying to find a tap-dancing class in the Biarritz/Anglet/Bayonne area, so far with no success.  Anyone know otherwise?

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For fellow members who live down here in the Landes, don't forget the Quicksilver Pro surfing competition that starts today: http://www.aspworldtour.com/quikprofrance/  

started by: Jen-94320 · last update: 1158619167 · posted: 1158132698

I have been quoted € 70 an hour if I want to join a group that leaves on Sunday mornings for a ride. Does that sound right? It seems a bit high to me.

started by: Jacqui Schofield-94453 · last update: 1157363799 · posted: 1141240652

My partner would be delighted to hear if anyone knows of an english bowls club in the Dordogne Jacqui Schofield

started by: Matt-94354 · last update: 1157111500 · posted: 1157102103

Looking for some info on who is coming to play in Bordeaux this year and how we can get tickets.

started by: Matt-94354 · last update: 1156067597 · posted: 1156066479

Hello Angloinfo. I am thinking abut driving up for your cricket match today but am unsure as to where to go. What time is it and where is it!!!

started by: Tut-94234 · last update: 1152545878 · posted: 1152208907

Does anyone know where the tour is passing by in the area?? I heard this year they are going via. Bordeaux?

started by: springbok-95315 · last update: 1151397523 · posted: 1151188252

Please come and dupport the cricket being played at La Brede. The standars are amzingly high. Here is a link for the website of Cricket in france http://www.cricketeurope.net/FRANCE/DATABASE/2006/LEAGUES/results.shtml Hope to see everyone there soon! Never say " It cant get any worse", Because it will.

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I am really enjoying the French open (despite the poor performance from the British contingent...) and I am loving watching it in French as I find the commentary nice and easy to follow. I would just like to know, how much coverage do you get of Wimbledon on French TV, is it 'round the clock' as it is for the French Open or just a couple of hours highlights? Thanks for the replies!

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Is Brazil going to sweep the honours this year again? or will Rooney wobble on and put one away for England in the dying minutes of the final? Anyone have any good websites for the competition?

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Could anybody out there please tell us if there is decent trout fishing in the region?In Angst Steve&Karen

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Munster beat Biarritz today in the European Cup. Well done Munster. Anyone else see the match?

started by: b3826120bA-94675 · last update: 1146845266 · posted: 1146595075

Hi, Would like find out if anybody has any possiblities of getting tickets to the above 2 events at a reasonable (i.e. more expensive than normal but not over the odds, looking at at most 200 Eur for CL and 100 Eur for WC) price. Also is anybody organising any trips to watch the WC or CL.  Keep me informed as I am definitely interested. Can email me directly. PS: For WC, I am looking at the preliminary rounds and it can involve any team at all. Just want to go for the experience.  Hopefully, it will be at a German city close to France. Thanks a lot.

started by: Niamh-94520 · last update: 1145312647 · posted: 1145301317

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knew of any dance classes in Bordeaux CUB...anything from Salsa to Ballroom and, if so, how expensive they are? Thx, NM

started by: Tina Chorley-95009 · last update: 1143827439 · posted: 1143737489

Does anyone know if there is anywhere that offers trampolining lessons in Pau or the surrounding area? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tina

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