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Anyone know of any good sport on the box this weekend?

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Hi, I am staying in Biscarrosse, near to Archachon, La Teste (Bordeaux is about 80km away) and is interested in looking for tennis partners near this area. Do get in touch with me if interested.

started by: Olivier-94112 · last update: 1136648740 · posted: 1136648740

Hi This year the marathon of Barcelona has a new trace, Some of us are register and are looking for some good, cheap hotel in the city center of Barcelona.. any hints? thanks Oli

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Where will I find a list of marathons that will take place next year?

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Hi, I am staying close to Bordeaux and have currently booked a ski hol in the south Alps. Grand Serra Che (Serra Chevalier). The nearest SNCF station is at Briancon (but it takes more than 10 hours to go there by train from bordeaux ) and I would need spend a night at the village (which means more cost for acccom). Some people I know are recommending a flight to Lyon then bus or train to the ski resorts. However not sure how much this will cost. Anybody do it before and can advise? Any recommendations for a relatively cheap way?? Thanks.

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Does anybody know if there is a French National Yoga Teachers Association, like the British Wheel of Yoga, that insures qualified Yoga teachers? OR, Does any practising Yoga Teacher have information about private insurance?

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We are planning a long weekend with kids (6 and 10) to a ski resort in the Pyrenees. We are looking for a typical village with easy slopes for kids. Can anyone recommend a place?

started by: Frenchy-94370 · last update: 1132146494 · posted: 1132146494

I'd like to join a class of Yoga around Bordeaux (Pessac, Merignac). Do you know of any good Yoga teachers in this area ?

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Does anyone know where the Dax Rugby club plays?

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Looking a cheap mooring for a 20ft yacht.

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Does anybody know of any good training rides that leave from Riberac or the surrounding areas, or is anybody out there up for one? .......I do a wee bit of racing, and usually do 30 to 40 miles a day when I get out.......but this is negotiable...usually with the weather! dk

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Anyone know when the tickets are going on sale for the match of the 26 the October?

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Does anyone know what games are coming to the region and where?

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Does anyone know if there is any good sport on this weekend and on what channel.

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Has anyone any knowledge of the Route Saint Jean Compestella? Where does it start?

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When does Ski season start and where are the best places to go for snowboarding?

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I have often heard about this phenomenon but would like to know a little more about its origin and where it occurs in Dordogne.

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Looking for a web site that has details of the Aquitaine rugby leaque.

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Did anyone watch the farcical situation in Trafalgar Square today ? You would have sworn England had won the World cup or something of similar triumph! They win a test series and are almost given the Freedom of the City ! Yes they deserved to win the Test series but surely the celebrating is a bit over the top ! Does this mean that if they win the next test series against the next test side they play against, that we're going to have to go through the same over the top festivities again ?

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Watched the game last night between Ireland and France. Ireland was definately the better side and deserved to win.

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