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Are there any regulatons when cycling on the roads in France. For example is a cycling helmut required or does the bike need extras like a bell ?

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Looking for a forgiving golf course. Of the couple of courses in Dordogne, which one is the best and which one the most forgiving?

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Where can one get involved in sailing, when visiting the area on vacation? ESEA

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I am looking for a recomendation on an overnight walk in the Pyrenees and then just a day walk as well. For the over night walk , we would like to leave say on Saturday at noon and return Sunday at noon. The day walk should be max. 4 hours. Any suggestions?

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I am trying to erect a dartboard outside the house. What height must it be from ground to the bullseye.. and how far away from the wall must the line be?

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I am looking for players interested in starting up the game in the Pays Basque using existing Trinquet courts.  I have a small group of Basque friends who are starting to learn and we are looking for more players to form a league.

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Does anyone know what the different beach flags mean? I saw some surfers on the beach the other day getting called over a fined by the beach police.

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Does anyone know of any cricket matches being played this weekend?

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I want to take my touring kayak for paddles along rivers and canals in south-west France where I have a maison secondaire. Does anyone know what licence/s or permissions I might need and where to go to (on the net?) to find out about this? Boko

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I am looking for a reliable surf report that I can either subscribe to or call now and again. Does any one have any suggestions? It wouldn't have to be in English but it would be handy if it was?  

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Does anyone know of a reliable boat parts / bits supplier in the Nice area? If not is this something that would be of use to people within the area?

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Hi, I have heard that there is a ladies surfing WCT taking place in Hossegor (40). Does anyone know what are the exact days ?  

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