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Does anyone know if there is a decent indoor swimming pool near Sarlat - preferably one with slides, fun pool etc Thanks

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moving to Allemans du dropt (5km south of Eymet) can you pick up bbc radio stations mainly bbc2, and if so what is the easiest way. Is via the internet the best way. wellbeing

started by: cremeanglaise · last update: 1442766417 · posted: 1438381545

Over here for the summer. Have shogun 4x4 diesel on English plates etc. Want to tow a french reg horse trailer a friend is lending us, with up to two horses in. Anyone know, can we do this legally? Do we need to change plates on the trailer or use engl plates same as our cars etc? glad of any input. thanks

started by: sara-98512 · last update: 1441667455 · posted: 1439548224

Are there any people who would like to sell their crafts at a craft fair in November, Castillonnes, Lot et Garonne. Please get in touch for details.   Kind regards Sara

started by: alicat7 · last update: 1440027476 · posted: 1439995000

I am looking for places to swim - a distance - in the Brantome area.  Summer and winter.  Any thoughts?  usually swim a mile at a time so short pools are dizzying!  many thanks

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Have guests staying and looking for somwhere where you can hire a 4 person canoe as tgey have young children and dont wish to be split ...Any suggestions would be very helpful

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Good afternoon, Had anyone had any experience of having their above ground pool 'hard plumbed' i.e. hard plastic pipe with elbows etc. rather than the soft blue or white pie that comes with the pool. I ask because we have, after only one season, had to replace all pipes due to originals splitting, which the pool shop tells us is quite normal(?????) and now, just a couple of weeks later, one section of the new pipe has split. But for our French neighbour being very observant and noticing the level had dropped considerably, jumping the fence to turn the pump off and in our absence, very kindly replacing said pipe, we would be in the mire. Very stressful when you are back in the UK .   If you have had experience would you be kind enough to offer your thoughts. Many thanks.

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Hi does anyone know a bar showing premier football games near Riberac .thanks in advance 

started by: Iguana Rock · last update: 1439481699 · posted: 1439405142

We live in Brittany (29) and will be coming to St Emilion for a week's holiday in September. So, where do you suggest we visit? What are the best places? Are there any lakes in the area for hiring a small boat? We'd like to hear from expats living in the area as to what they like to do there. Thanks! I look forward to your responses.

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looking to purchase a tennis ball machine which is battery operated

started by: susky5` · last update: 1438779168 · posted: 1438773273

Hi, are there any craft clubs in the Ste Foy la Grande area?  I used to do a lot of cross-stitch and card making and feel the need to get back into one or both of them again ready for the long boring winter days.  Its always easier if you've got someone else to talk to about it rather than just sitting doing it on your own all the time.  Many thanks

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I have a Magiline salt pool and this year it seems to have gone particularily green!  We,ve give it a few shock treatment with chlorine and floculant.   Any suggestions as to what we can do to get rid of the green sedament.  I dont want to buy an expensive robot but looking towards a brush you can attach to the skimmer.       Thank you very much!  

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Does anyone know of any yoga classes near Seyches or Miramont please?

started by: Montalivet Mark · last update: 1436654750 · posted: 1436654750

Was watching all the people fishing off the rocks at Pointe De Grave (Le Verdon). Anyone know what the small fish are and what bait they use

started by: Rabulder · last update: 1435075538 · posted: 1430770504

hi, anyone out there that would like to become tennispartner. Medium level. 

started by: mmshire · last update: 1433236025 · posted: 1350421868

Does anyone know of a personal trainer who would be able to train at home? (Lauzun)

started by: Alan Wren · last update: 1431724766 · posted: 1381216261

I want to have a tennis hardcourt built and wondered if anyone had direct or second hand experience. Possible pitfalls and recommended suppliers?  I live in 47.

started by: lilpod94 · last update: 1431600399 · posted: 1431521702

Hello Anyone know if any one does tennis lessons, French or English speaking? I like tennis but am very bad Spent many afternoons driving various family members crazy but no proper instructon Merci L  

started by: CATSANDUS · last update: 1430432950 · posted: 1430303296

I recently heard about a canoeing incident on the river Dordogne in early April that made me wonder about the safety of canoeing on rivers in France.  The water levels when these people went out were high, but was the level in fact too high, ie how does one find out in advance how 'dangerous' the river is at any given time?   I've tried googling and not found anything yet.  The family involved, which included a child of 11 and a small dog, survived due to a lot of common sense, their life jackets, an ability to swim and a lack of panic, and a mobile phone to allow them to phone for help.   They were lucky and were rescued from a deep water situation by the pompiers on jet skis, but no one took anything but their name, no report was made and the whole exercise seemed very haphazard and relying on 'lady luck' to me.  The people concerned do not speak french very well at all.   Has anyone had or heard of similar incidents?  How does one judge a river level scientifically (rather than just looking at it - after all, parts of the river look pretty dangerous even in summer when other parts are so shallow one has to paddle and pull the canoe along!)? I was surprised that the pompiers didn't take any details other than the family's name.... no address, no details whatsoever....is this normal?    

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Does anyone know of any yoga classes in the Bergerac area please?

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