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Does anyone know of any yoga classes in the Bergerac area please?

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Feeling lonesome, fed up with your own company?  Come along to our friendly group who meet on Wednesday afternoons 1.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m in the town hall in St. Julien d'Eymet.  Only 2 euros per session to include refreshments. Bring along something to do i.e. knitting, cards, sewing etc. or just for a natter.  All ages and nationalities welcome.  For further information contact Jacky Hamilton on 05 53 24 85 10.  We look forward to seeing you.

started by: ElleGee · last update: 1427745715 · posted: 1427701588

I have recently moved to Salignac (24590) Is anyone interested in playing Mah Jong? I am happy to teach beginners!

started by: sueharrison1-98425 · last update: 1426590034 · posted: 1409770646

Any around the Montpon area looking for new people to join? Thankd

started by: Rose & Tim · last update: 1425996593 · posted: 1425992350

Hi, I know there are lots of opportunities for kayaking and canooing on the Dordogne and Vezere rivers, but we'd be very interested in buying a second-hand rowing boat.  That also brings me to the question:  does anyone know what permissions are required to put a boat on the rivers?  

started by: Archie1-996197 · last update: 1424246274 · posted: 1424088751

does anyone know somewhere where a service/repair to an electric motor might be done?  

started by: jensdad-95361 · last update: 1423523282 · posted: 1422735049

There's a new keep fit/martial arts (tung soo do / tae kwon do) class held in Monestier (between St Foye/eymet/bergerac), on Sunday mornings at 10.30am .   Open to persons of all ages, genders, levels of fitness.  The class is at the beginners stage, but it will be adapted to suit more experienced members, and is overseen by a Master with several black belts.  The class begins with cardiac exercise, followed by formations and exercises,  and finishes with a stretching warm down. Contact me for more info.   They are looking to build up the number of participants, there's no pressure to take part, so come along and see if it is for you or not.

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Hi we cancelled sky as we only used it to watch sport and felt it was profiteering by charging 40 gbp per month. were getting on well with wiziwig streaming of matches, but this has just shut down due to spanish law changes. has anyone got on online site which has minimal buffering and works well? we don't mind paying a reasonable subscription. thanks

started by: Frenchmaid-110042 · last update: 1420310277 · posted: 1420238299

I have just seen an advert about a new cross country course for horses in Montpeyroux for only 10€, which opens tomorrow (Saturday 3rd January).  For anyone who's interested, I found this link: http://www.manoirdegurson.co.uk/#!horses/c2vj    

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Hello Boys! Is there a decent Model Shop in Perigueux?   I,ve ben to the model shop in Brive and all is a little sparce.  I am looking for a RC  in the form of a Bi-plane.  I am the last person to ask about what type but something like a Tiger Moth ~Havilland Rapid -  Pitts  seem to be the ones coming to the forefront.  I have looked on internet but would prefer to go to a shop. Thank you      

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Can anyone advise me please? , I'm moving near Bergerac at the end of the month with 3 elderly equines, they have only a high fibre diet , hi Fi cubes, speedy beet healthy hooves. that sort of thing is there an equivalent please ? They don't have grain so I'm not too sure what I should be looking for and hubbie not happy for us to cart out numerous bags of food in the precious lorry space. Also last years hay ( laminitic Shetland) and an English speaking vet for the endless supply of bute for all those arthritic joints...theirs not mine! Would appreciate your comments...Thank you

started by: catherine-97379 · last update: 1417531591 · posted: 1417531591

We would like to have a break away to either places for christmas or new year. We have a dog so would like a B&B or similiar. .at reasonable prices. gratefull for information.

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Hi Does anyone know where we could play badminton in the Bergerac/Issigeac/Villereal area? Possibly at a club, or sports centre or even within a school perhaps. many thanks

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Is there anyone interested to come and sing Christmas Carols on our Xmas market of La Sauvetat du Dropt? It could be just before the dinner on Saturday the 13th of December or once during the day of the 14th. If you have a group, if you know some people interested if ... all ideas are welcome and we will do our best to help of course. Thank you in advance.

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End of the year, as usualy, the Fest Comitee of La Sauvetat du Dropt organises a Christmas Market the 13th (only pm) and the 14th of December. Don't hesitate to take a stall. All the details are on the village website la-sauvetat-du-dropt.fr Feel free to ask questions.  

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Hi, Are there any spinners / weavers groups or enthusiasts in or around the 24800 ish area ?

started by: Dudley-971293 · last update: 1414502125 · posted: 1407931108

I am based near Lauzun and would like to get a group of flyfishers for trips out to say the Pyranees or the Vezier or into Limousin for trout or if not extinct here salmon. Any interest?

started by: tillymint10-116889 · last update: 1411773626 · posted: 1411640798

Hi Does anyone know when the ticket  go on sale for the  LILLE v EVERTON match on the 23/10? Which might be the best website to look on to buy the tickets? Many thanks Dave  

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What are the rules for putting your own canoe on the local rivers?  Thank you.  

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Hi Could anyone let me know where there is pottery classes in the Riberac are, as I am new to the district.   Many Thanks Christine

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