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If you are looking for something to do this Sunday, a few like-minded people are getting together near Vergt for a 4h outing, running/walking. Cyclists are also welcome, as well as all level of runner. PM me for details  

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Anyone else out there, apart from my French son-in-law, Philippe, been accepted and taking part on Sunday, in the London Marathon 2014? Have I understood that it is BBC1 who have the TV rights?  Can't find the emission times so that I can follow from 8h30 am onwards.  Does there exist a 'personalised' way of recording his personal perspiring efforts in the middle of the other runners?

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I am told that the new regulations concerning chambre d'hote include a nonsense of restraining owners from selling or even giving alcohol to guests of CH.   Also sme nonsense about only one dining table for breakfast.   What happens if someone ike me weants to eat breakfast alone or with my wife, do I have to suffer others at the table?   D o guests drink their own booze, in their rooms,hiding in the broom cujpboard, in fear and trepidastion of the Gendarmes breaking down the door and carting us off to jug?   What is the point?  Anyone got the correct SP, please?

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I've tried googling this but not got very far, lots of rules for the camping car owner driver but not a lot about land owners who want to provide overnight space and electric hook ups for camping cars/motor homes.   Anyone out there got any up to date info about how many one can have parked overnight, other rules etc ?

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Can anyone tell me how much of The Lot is navigable in a shallow draft boat. I am thinking of launching somewhere in the Fumel/Villeneuve sur Lot area but don't know the potential for cruising. Any information would be welcome. Thanks

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Hi, There are Pilates classes in English (British qualified Pilates teacher & Fitness Instructor) at Sorges and St Front la Rivière on Thursdays and St Jean de Côle on Mondays. Contact 06 73 80 27 09 for furhter info.  

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We are staying near Villeneuve sur Lot for March and April and as I am a petanque player in the UK I have found a couple of clubs to play at - Rooy in Villeneuve sur Lot and Casseneuil. My French is good enough to know what is going on but I miss out of the chat as I have only found one English speaker, and she is Dutch. Do any English people play? If so I would really like to come and have a game at your club. I am happy to drive about 15k from Villeneuve for a game. Please let me know where and when and if its OK just to turn up. Thanks

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We have purchased a small boat (Linder Sportsman 400) in the UK and it is being transported to us here in the Dordogne. Does anyone know if it has to be registered at the Prefecture ? It is 4 meters long and will be used with a small electric motor for lake and estuary fishing.  The outfit includes a trailer.

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Hi. As the weather is nice this weekend (15th-16th March), my husband and I have decided to go skiing this weekend at Le Lioran. As we have two places left, we were wondering if anyone would like to come along with us. We have put an advert on http://www.covoiturage.fr for all to see. We will be leaving Marsac sur L'Isle near Auchan (7h-7h30? must confirm with husband) and can go through Périgueux to pick you up. We can also make a stop at the Total station on the A89 at Trélissac if that is easier for you to get to. You will have to book a hotel as we will be staying the Saturday night. Of course you do not have to ski; you can do many other activities. On Sunday, we will leave roughly when the slopes close (16h-17h), but we will have to phone each other just to confirm times etc. We are asking for 14€ for each person and for each way to help pay for petrol and the tolls. If you are able to drive abit, that would be great. My husband and I will be driving too, so you won't be doing it all. The drive is just over 3 hours. We will be going in my husbands' car a Ford Focus. If anyone is interested please get in touch via private message. Please no timewasters.

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Due to my husband becoming ill we had to cancel the 7 day holiday booked through Travel Republic, travelling from the UK. When I booked this holiday I was refused insurance because we are resident in France. My husband then checked with AXA who handle most of our other assurance here in France and was told that our household policy would cover us for the holiday. Since cancelling the holiday we have received less than a third of our initial payment back, the rest is non-refundable. On visiting AXA today we have been told the household policy actually only provides (limited) medical cover.  We were hoping for something back on our flights, the balance of the hotel room, car hire and UK airport parking. We paid with our UK bank card which normall provides free travel insurance, but not for non-residents. Has anyone any similar experiences and/ or advice for any future travel we may undertake?  I also wonder about Brittany Ferries cover for our regular trips back to UK.  We normally book and pay for our travel through UK agents and bank.  I would be interested to hear of your experiences.  

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Hi, Does anyone know of a good fabric and haberdashery shop in the north Dordogne area ( Perigueux ) Looking for nice dressmaking and quilting supplies, Thanks

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As we are new to this could someone help us with the size of outboard motors on an inflatable.  We see from the info on this site that no permit is needed for a motor 4.5kw or 6cv, could anyone enlighten us as to what cv means in this instance.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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The Anglo French Railway Modellers (AFRM) group is still open to new members. You don't have to actually own any models, we want anyone who is interested in model railways to share our passion for our hobby. Visit our forum at  amfrm24 and talk to fellow enthusiasts, ask questions or give advice. All welcome. If you cannot find the forum address please PM me and I will redirect you

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The Vendredi Craft Club has recently moved from St Avit Senieur to the Salle de Fete in Bournel (between Villereal and Castillonnes) and we are currently looking for Demonstrators and Speakers for our meetings, particularly someone who could show us Basketry and Cake Icing/Sugarcraft.  If you are or know someone who would be prepared to come to one of our meetings please do let me know. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month and enjoy sharing and learning different crafts.  If you are a 'Crafter' and would like to share your craft with likeminded ladies do come and join us. New members are always welcome.    

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I'm moving to the Brantome area very soon and am very keen to get info on the above rivers or any others in the area.I had a good look at the above in the autum and saw penty of Chub and roach. Has anyone any more info on the species in these rivers, especially Barbel!! Also of any decent tacle shops in the area, I saw a few local shops selling tackle but most of it looked pretty "micky mouse". Any info would be most welcome  

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I'm moving to the Brantome area soon, are there any Cley shooters out there that could give me info on clubs etc in the area. I'm bringing my guns out on an EFP but have no idea what licences are required to keep the permantly in France. can anyone help.

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Hi,I live near Le Bugue and wonder if anyone can give me some advice on fishing in the area, especially where to fish, and finding lakes to fish in.Thanksterry

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I'm living near Bouzic and would like to know if there's a book club in the area, eg around Gourdon, Domme, Sarlat? Let me know if you're aware of one or interested in starting one.

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Soon to be moving to Saint Jean de Cole and wondered if anyone plays badminton in the area

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Recently, I am sure (although I am beginning to doubt myself now !!) that I found that there was a NEDWA Sewing Circle approximately 40 minutes or so away from where I live - I am in the 33190 area of Monsegur/Mongauzy. I have emailed NEDWA via the Contact page a good few weeks ago but so far have not heard anything. A lady called Sue from the NEDWA Sewing Circle at Excidieul kindly said I could go to that one but that is over two hours away and therefore too far I am afraid. Is there any NEDWA ladies out there who knows of this sewing circle near to me in the 33190 area or could put me in contact with someone who can help at NEDWA? 

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