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Hi, does anyone know the actual local roads of Stage 19 that the race will be on from Villeneuve Sur Lot to Eymet.

started by: paulie3 · last update: 1387890962 · posted: 1387883800

Hi - I am new to the 33190 area and looking for a group who meet and/or classes in sewing? I love to sew, although often badly !! and would love to learn dressmaking. I have done a small amount of applique and half a wonky quilt. I also love knitting, again could do better !! Does anyone know of people who meet or classes or groups or lessons? Many Thanks

started by: cab47 · last update: 1387624285 · posted: 1387570204

Hi I read online that a new place had opened in Bergerac with indoor snow slope , can anybody who has been give some info  ?  

started by: laago · last update: 1387460261 · posted: 1387460261

Can someone tell me if it's possible to watch English football with French Online bookmakers please? The ones I've tried only show French games.   Thanks

started by: apricotpeachfig · last update: 1386432607 · posted: 1386325117

I have a talented 8 yr old who cant keep still for a minute, always doing cart wheels, splits etc. Seeking a good gymnastics club near Issigeac. Can go as far as Bergerac if have all equiptment, Bars, Beam, Vault, floor work etc. If any one knows of a good club please I would be most grateful if you could let me know.    many thanks

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Hi everyone, We are expats living in France for 5 years and are interested in meeting up for coffee, chats, quizzes etc in the area around Langon, Villandraut or Casteljaloux or anywhere within travelling distance. Although we have a few French friends we really miss talking to people in our own language and being able to share a joke. We find the winters here rather bleak as most of our English friends are only here during the warmer months If anyone can suggest a group we can join I would be most grateful Regards Hilmix  

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Hi Could anyone give me any information and recommendations on Golf courses around Nerac/Agen areas South Lot and Garonne? I could be moving to the area shortly and would like to find a club possibly with an English fraternity!! Any information would be gratefully received. Regards    

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Hi I'm a keen cyclist and try to get out on my bike as much as possilbe. It would be nice to meet up for  social rides - I always find chatting whilst pedalling eats up the kilometres!  am happy to do short, easy flat rides near the river, or more challenging rides. 20km - 100km..... Paul    

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Does anyone know of any birdwatching groups or birdwalks? Merci. Jeff

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Does anybody know of any amateur football clubs I could sign up for in or near Montpon?  Nothing too serious, just fun and a kick about at the weekend.  Im 32 years old and still enjoy playing friendly football.  Any help would be very much appreciated. Regards P Slater

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Anyone playing golf this week either in Perigueux or near Vergt?  i am an amateur but  would love to make one in if possible. Andrew  

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If you have nothing to do this w/e 21/22 September, drive out to l' Etang de Tamniès 24 (between Sarlat and Montignac) 3€/day. Exhibition of vehicules and motorbikes BEFORE 1968 at the:- 1er FESTIVAL DES VIEILLES proposed by West South Mecanics Spit roast and food/drinks stand/concerts/touring trip, etc.   Look for the tin frog!

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Does anyone know of a walking group in any of the towns/villages south of Bergerac?  Thanks!

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Military Vehicle enthusiasts - are there any clubs groups meeting in the North Dordogne area, we are biting the bullet and making a permanent move in a shortish while and would be interested in knowing if there are events, groups, meetings or similar in north Dordogne. thanking you. Lynn

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Hello! I was wondering if anyone would know of a badminton club, or somewhere to play badminton, in the Duras area. (Ste Foy, Bergerac or Marmande also considered!) Also, is anyone interested in playing badminton?! Many thanks Kat PS....what about somewhere to play squash...???!

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Does anyone know of any tennis coaches local to Eymet, Duras, Miramont etc, to give some lessons to my 12 year old? Also, are there are there any local walking groups in the area? Look forward to hearing from you ...

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I would be interested to hear the experiences of any members or past members of the golf club. I hope to move to the area and play regularly ( twice a week ).

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Just for the fun of it !! I've been checking out the costs of flights to America ( I have a daughter and grandaughter to visit) and was troubling myself with the usual question - is it cheaper to fly from the Uk or direct from France? Here's one result ........ Manchester to New York  VIA PARIS with Air France - £436 return Paris to New York direct ,on the same Air France flight - 860€ return Icantbelieveit  !!  :)

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Do you like hiking ? We are two , (  lady ,  gentleman ) - between 45 and 60 living and working around Perigueux . We hike every week on saturday and sunday in Correze or around Fanlac , Montignac .( just an exemple ) It could be everywhere .. We  like literature , architecture,  history and classical music... If interested to join us ,  email me .  

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I have heard there is Social Cycling for kids in Lauzun on a Sunday Morning.   Does anyone know of this who has any information.   Thanks

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