Art & Exhibitions

Acrylic And Watercolour Group St. Amand de Coly Every Tue from Tue 8th Nov to Tue 7th Nov
Every Tuesday afternoon, chatty, friendly informal group where you can do your own thing in pleasant company.
Century of The Great War from Fri 11th Nov to Tue 31st Oct
The third episode of a series of four commemorating The Great War.The exhibition features the role of medicine and women during the conflict.Free entry.
The Shad & Northern Red Snapper from Wed 15th Feb to Sun 4th Mar
Exhibition of pieces from multiple artists inspired by the shad and red snapper fish.  Free entry.
Alban Denuit from Sat 7th Jan to Sun 4th Mar
Posthumous exhibition of work by the young French artist Alban Denuit, who was born in Marmande and was killed in the Bataclan attack in 2015.Free entry.
Jules Vieillard Every Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun from Tue 2nd May to Wed 31st May
An exhibition of ceramics by Jules Vieillard.Open Wednesday to Saturday 14:00 to 18:00.