Talks & Workshops

Acrylic And Watercolour Group St. Amand de Coly Every Tue from Tue 8th Nov to Tue 7th Nov
Every Tuesday afternoon, chatty, friendly informal group where you can do your own thing in pleasant company.
Fun & inspirational hands-on workshops to introduce and learn basic chalked paint techniques:  distressing, ageing, & other decorative finishes.  Workshops: 50€ (includes necessary materials) from 2 pm – 5 pm on Sat., May 13th Atelier de ‘relooking’ où vous participez a applicatio...
Sketching Outdoors Course from Mon 5th Jun to Mon 26th Jun
A great pastime for the summer months and a very personal way of recording your memories.This short course is aimed at anyone wanting to meet and sketch outdoors.Whether you want to practice, learn drawing from life, improve your skills or gain confidence, I hope this course will have something for...
International Jazz Summer School from Sun 16th Jul to Sat 5th Aug
A series of weekly courses offering total immersion in jazz.Courses from €550.