ILFORNO is a chain of Italian fast food restaurants Located in the United Arab Emirates, the name ILFORNO was born 20 years ago, out of love for the Italian food culture in the United Arab Emirates. ILFORNO has over the years maintained its standard of preserving the unique recipes and taste of various Italian cuisines.

In the ILFORNO Restaurants we believe that quality is a product that shouldn’t be battered for less. This is why we have a specialized and innovative team behind our story of success. Our Cuisines are well thought out while maintaining a passionate artistic touch. Using a proper Technique combined with the classic and ancient flavour to ensure that our dishes have a unique irreplaceable taste.

What’s Unique about Ilforno

What makes Il Forno so spectacular isn’t its stunning views nor its contemporary interiors. The restaurant’s superb-factor comes from its dedication to serving authentic original Italian fare, made with freshly sourced Italian products mostly from Italy itself.

Reasons to Visit these Restaurants


ILFORNO prides herself as the Budget-friendly restaurants, you can actually get quality meals here as low as 65aed, there is no other place to take family and friends out than ilforno restaurant.

Varieties of Traditional Italian Cuisines

In the ILFORNO RESTAURANTS, Gourmets are in for a treat, as there’s a ridiculous amount of options on the menu to try (and even more pasta options). The menu is categorized into antipasti, pizzas, pastas, risottos, salads and other mains- so it’s going to be quite tough to decide what to pick. This is the best place to go for a taste-bud adventure.

Sizes of the pizzas and pastas

Visit Ilforno to enjoy a superb combo-sized pizzas and pasta, you are in for a treat the moment you visit these exclusive restaurants.

We are located across the UAE, Dubai, Abu dhabi , RAK and AL Ain