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Is it safe to drive from Abu Dhabi (city) to Muscat Oman ? Proposed Route :- Abu Dhabi > Al Ain > Suhar > Muscat.  Distance : 520km   Month : February If you have actually driven this route at this time of year I would be grateful for any info. Thanks PCG

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Can anyone put me in touch with a reputable driver/taxi service please. 

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We have a son who will be eligible to drive soon but he needs practice. Are there any driving schools around willing to take an older teen and get him on the road?

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Hi all, Apologies of this question's been asked before but is there really any great difference between US and GCC spec cars? I suspect it's just a ploy to protect the market here but I'd be gratful if anyone can tell me otherwise?  I'm looking at buying a used LR3 or RR Sport and I've seen several well priced US spec cars but don't want to take the plunge without all the facts! Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Has anyone read the news this morning? Apparently for every month you have no traffic violations then you accumulate white points that can then be used to take away any black points. Does anyone else think this idea is completely ridiculous? How will they know who is driving the car? If a husband and wife share a car, then one goes and speeds on Sheikh Zayed Road will both not be eligible for white points? Here's the story in 7days - http://www.7daysindubai.com/White-points-mean-prizes-Dubai-s-drivers/story-16874244-detail/story.html

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What is the process of applying for an auto loan? Which bank offers the best finance option?

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BMW 745LI 2004 silver color in very good condition, done 120000 KM for 48000 AED.Power Windows, Power Sunroof, Power Seats, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Cooled Seats, Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Heat, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, Aux Audio In, Premium Sound System, Power Mirrors, Premium Lights, Fog Lights, Premium Wheels/Rims, Parking Sensors CONTACT;00971552296388Email;mostafaassad@yahoo.com

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Does anyone know how to renew a driver's license? Do I need an Emirates ID in order to renew my driver's license? Thanks.

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Does anyone know? I was driving by a private school today when 3 primary school children hopped into a taxi and drove off. The shocking thing was that one of the kids got into the front seat. What age should they be legally before they are allowed to sit in the front?

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Is there a company that will pickup my car at home and take it for testing and all the license re-registration? I'm at home with a young baby and my registration will expire next month. Help please.

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buying car from dubizzle i need to register car myself or will prvious owner registration transfr to me?

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Hello everyone, I would really appreciate any help on this one. I have a Dodge Charger 2010 for sale, already got a serious guy who wants to buy it for a good price. The problem is i have like 3 small dents on the car's body (the parking kind of dent) and some scratches on my alloy wheels.. he wants the dents and scratches fixed before buying the car. I'm traveling in 3 weeks and im looking for a place that can fix my car fast and for a reasonable price. ( same day if possible, i don't want to rent a car in the process) The color of my car is orange so im really concerned about the color mismatch aswell, please i want the work to be flawless, and I really need to sell this car before i travel and im running out of time If you know any place i can trust to fix my car please let me know Any help on this will be greatly appreciated

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Does anyone have a car they are selling or know anyone who may have one for sale? Partner wants/needs one...cash waiting!! Thank you.

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Can someone describe how to take the new road from Dubai to Fujairah? I read in Gulf News that it only takes a half hour to drive from Dubai where it used to take almost 2 hours. Wondering how to get to the new road and if it's better (as in do you miss any good stops on the way?)

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Which company is best for a 6 month or so car lease? Any recommendations on a car?

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My husband and I both carry South African driving licence. Can we use them in Dubai or must we get a new one?

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I'm blown away by the number of times I have been in a cross walk w/ my massive pregnant belly just to have cars speed up as they approach the crossing, screech to a halt inches from me and then honk their horns!What is it with people, don't pedestrians already in the street have the right of way?And to all you horn honkers and speed demons in a rush to go nowhere, no I won't hurry up!Phew rant over.

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Several news outlets have reported that a new law is coming into effect in the UAE regarding child safety in cars.Car seats (infants) and booster seats (toddlers and up) are now going to be mandatory. Children above 11 years old must still wear seat belts.This is taken from the Gulf News website, you can see the full article at gulfnews.comChildren, who are nursing or less than one year old, must be seated in a child car seat to prevent their slipping off their car seats. For children six-nine months old, or those weighing under 10kg, seats must face the rear of the car.Seats can face forward for children from nine months to four years of age and weighing 9kg-18kg. Seat boosters can be used for children four years to six years of age and weigh 15kg-25kg. Support cushions can be used for children six years-11 years and weigh 22kg-36kg.

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Another thread just reminded me that we will need to look into getting a second car for our family when we move to Dubai. Where do people generally buy used cars? Is it safe to buy used cars? I don't really want to spend money on a dud of a car.Oh and what kind of car should we look at buying? We have 3 young children so we'll need a pretty big car.

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Sorry for all the questions but I'm also wondering whether we will need a 2nd car or not. I won't be working but I also don't want to be in the house all day. What do other people in the same situation do?

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