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I recently moved here and would like to convert my drivers license to a Dubai one so I can drive. What are the requirements and where can I do it?

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When are teens allowed driving permits here? Is there a special provisional permit? I don't plan on having mine drive that much here but I don't want them to wait until we move back home in a couple years before they get some driving instruction.

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Can 9 year olds actually drive the cars or are they limited to the play areas inside? We haven't been but are interested in trying something new. There's just so much Playnation I can handle!

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My car lease is coming up and I'm thinking of upgrading to a small to medium sized SUV. So far I like the Toyota Prado and Fortuner. Which is better? I don't want to worry about a lot of maintenance because I travel between Dubai and Sharjah quite frequently for work.

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This is probably obvious, but when we visit next month can we drive with our US license? We were planning on getting a rental care while we are there, are there any rates or what's the best car rental company? I see the usual Budget and Avis. Anything we should know in particular about driving in Dubai?

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