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To all moms out there. Just want to inquire where can I buy cloth diapers here in Dubai? Been to Babyshop already but would like to know if there are other alternatives. Appreciate the help. 

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Does anyone have insight into the citizenship of a child born in the UAE of expat parents? Does the child inherit the citizenship of the parents or does the child become a citizen of the UAE because he/she is born here.

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There are a couple new nurseries in JLT now and I want to move my son from his nursery in the marina closer to where we live in JLT. Does anyone have any experiences with nurseries like Dew Drops or Learning Ladder Nursery?

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My friends are looking for a nursery school for their son who just turned 1. They live behind Business Bay/Downtown area and there are no nurseries near them. There are so many nurseries in the Jumeira area but the problem is finding one that isn't too expensive and also has spaces open for his age group. Recommendations pls!

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My step daughter will be arriving  to give us a visit together with her 3 month old son. Need help in finding a pediatrician during their stay here in Dubai. Appreciate any help.

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To all moms out there, is this readily avaliable here?

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My baby is 3 months old and is having difficulty sleeping. Hubby and I are having so much difficulty getting proper sleep nowadays. Can any one of you recommend a pediatrician or other healthcare professional for sleep issues?

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Has anyone got recommendations for a good teacher? My 7 year old niece had been bugging me about giving her lessons and I though a proper teacher would do far better.Thanks in advance.

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As the title says. Preferably somewhere that can hold around 20 people.

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Any Easter Egghunt events anywhere in Dubai?

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Sent my partner out to look for toy pails with matching spades for sand beach playing but he came home empty handed. Any idea where to look?  

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Looking for classes, any recommendations?

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A friend will be moving in with a kid with dyslexia and is looking for schooling options here in Dubai. Has anyone been in the same boat? Are there special schools for dyslexic kids? Would appreciate any response. Thanks.

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Hello. This is my first post. We are new to Dubai and need to find a good nursery school for our 4 year old daughter. We will be living in Silicon Oasis area and prefer the nursery to be close by. Which nursery should we be looking at?

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Has anyone got recommendations for a marriage counselor?

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Does anyone know where to go for a Santa meet-and-greet? It has been a yearly traditon for my little one.

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Has anyone got recommendations for a speech therapist for kids? We are looking to have our nephew checked but would prefer it to be on weekends?

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A friend has recently lost her first born. Does anyone have an idea of this kind of support group here in Dubai? I do believe she needs to surrounded by people who can help her. Thank you.

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Any recommendations on where to go and what to do with kids this holiday?

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Has anyone had their kids enrolled at classical ballet? Any recommendations or feedback on schools offering such here in Dubai?

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