Citizenship of a child born in UAE

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Does anyone have insight into the citizenship of a child born in the UAE of expat parents? Does the child inherit the citizenship of the parents or does the child become a citizen of the UAE because he/she is born here.


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To The Best of My Knowledge, there' s very few countries that will grant citizenship on the basis of being borne there and the UAE is most definitely NOT one of them. Consequently, unless the father has UAE nationality, the child is not able to claim UAE citizenship. The parents therefore need to register the birth of the child with the British Embassy within a certain time of being born. I haven't done this myself, however, from what I know from friends that the bureaucracy and interplay between the UAE and British authorities is quite convoluted so you may want to do some more research (ask the embassy) first.

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Emirati citizenship is not a birthright in Dubai or UAE. The parent(s) must be UAE nationals (not just residents) for a child born in Dubai (or the UAE) to gain citizenship.

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The citizenship of a child born in Dubai is based on the nationality of the child's parents. The child's birth must be registered with the Dubai government and reported to the parents' embassy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Children born in Dubai will not receive UAE citizenship.

For more information, see the Having a Baby in Dubai page:

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Thank you all for the responses. Tremendously informative.

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I hope this article will be helpful to you regarding your question.

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