Nurseries in Jumeira? Or not too far from Business Bay

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My friends are looking for a nursery school for their son who just turned 1. They live behind Business Bay/Downtown area and there are no nurseries near them. There are so many nurseries in the Jumeira area but the problem is finding one that isn't too expensive and also has spaces open for his age group. Recommendations pls!


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There's Raffles in Old Town area near the Qamardeen district I believe. It's a larger nursery school and should have places for your friend's son.

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I have a friend who sends their 1 year old to Blossom Children's Nursery. The one on the border of Jumeirah and Umm Suqueim.

It's close by between their apartment and work and so far they love it. Have to admit though that they chose it because it was one of the pricier nurseries and according to one of the parents (I won't comment on which one - haha) the more expensive nurseries charge more BECAUSE they are better.

They probably ahve spaces still since my friends enrolled their son just a month ago or so. There are soo many nurseries now that I think it's easier to find a place than even just 2 years ago.

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Thanks for the recommendations. They've been to Blossom and as you say busymommy they got a good impression of the nursery but the price was a bit out of their comfort. I told them about Raffles and they're going to have a visit next week.

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I've seen sevearl new nurseries advertising in various parenting magaziens. Kinder Kamer and Hopscoth Nursery come to mind. Have they tried those?

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Hi! I would like to share my experience with Mosaic nursery. They are located in the heart of JLT. They have spacious classrooms for around 16 kids and with fun filled indoor & outdoor activities to enhance inner talent. My 2 yr old daughter have been there for a year now. I can see she gets excited whenever its a school day. Try to take a tour.

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I have just registered my child with Olive Tree Nursery he will be 6 months old. It is a beautiful nursery very spacious and they have a fantastic garden. I am pretty sure they have a 1-2 year old room also. Its new but i like the fact they wont have so many kids at once and the classroom numbers are smaller he will get more attention. For my son I am paying 2400 aed per month as they have a special offer for the first term and free registration which is a bonus. Nurseries are such a big expense! I have looked at many nurseries and feel some are over priced just because they are expensive doesn't always mean quality! I worked in the UK as a nursery manager so I have asked many questions when visiting nurseries.

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