Which nurseries in JLT are good?

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There are a couple new nurseries in JLT now and I want to move my son from his nursery in the marina closer to where we live in JLT. Does anyone have any experiences with nurseries like Dew Drops or Learning Ladder Nursery?


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Hi, my children have been regulars at Kids World in Jlt. The elder has joined Kg1 now but my daughter is still with them. You could get your child there. They are different from the usual nurseries that you find around. More educationally oriented so as to say, really enriched curriculum and affordable too (I must say with no compromise on quality). The children are really really made independent when it comes to grooming for the big school. I am very satisfied. The teachers & staff is experienced and very qualified and very warm. If you feel you can visit them at Goldcrest executive tower, cluster C Jlt. Their contact numbers 04-4534272/ 055-8397565. You can follow them on the web too www.kwclc.org? They are the first ones in Jlt and a part of an existing big group. Wish u luck.

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Being Human what type of nationalities make up is it? Mostly from one nationality or a mix? How about the teachers?

I looked at their website before and there wasn't a lot of information on it. It was actually kind of a badly designed website so I didn't look into it too much.

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Well to be honest Nessa, as far as the children are concerned they have a mix of nationalities but the medium of instruction happens to be English. We (being non English speakers) wanted to have the comfort of my child being bilingual at the Centre as well, but i was told very specifically that although they would help in the transition but the main spoken and instruction language would still be English. Teachers are a mix too Europeans and Asians both. Whats inetersting is that my children made friends with children of the other nationalities and are quite fluent in English as a means of communication :). I am satisfied so far. They do have a smaller setup but its important for me to have my child closely monitored and me being stress free. As regards the content delivered, i can definitely say that although they do have an extra reinforcement in terms of academics, yet the child is not stressed. Even playtimes are with a purpose. Hope that is of some help to you. Wish u luck....

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I would surely recommend Dewdrops. They are one of the very few nurseries with a structured curriculum. They certainly ensure kids learn as they play - my daughter is with them since they opened in March. I love their FB page on which they update us on their activities. I m not sure kids world is a nursery, its a centre or something. No other nursery has opened in JLT though you will find plenty of "opening shortly in JLT" websites floating around

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Hi, i think the best way probably is to visit the facilities or talk to the people there to gauge the available options, there is another nursery in Discovery gardens as well if you'd like to explore - The Chubby Cheeks Nursery. I opted for Kids world JLT as they are a part of an already established group with three older nurseries operating in Dubai and Sharjah & i had strong references for them, this one in JLT happens to be their first early Learning Centre as i was told and fortunately i have had a very good and different experience so far as against most nurseries where the main concept is babysitting and daycare. Please check the summer camp activities on Kids world JLT FB page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-World-Creative-Learning-Centre-JLT/177552915647862, my children are the most active ones to be seen in the pictures :). Just Kidding.
Wish you all the best, i know how difficult it is when you have to make a decision to start the learning process for your child..... believe me it'll happen and you would'nt even realise how time flew. Take care and relax......

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Hi, the best way probably is to visit the facilities or talk to the staff and management over there. There is another Nursery in the Gardens - The Chubby Cheeks Nursery - if you want to explore more options. I opted for Kids world JLT as they are a part of an already experienced group having 3 nurseries in Dubai and Sharjah with this one in JLT as their first Early Learning Centre. Besides i had strong recommendations for them as well. Fortunately i had a very good and different experience with Kids Word JLT, You can check their FB page for the Summer camp activities that they have on the link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-World-Creative-Learning-Centre-JLT/177552915647862. My kids can be seen as the most active ones in these pics :) - just kidding.

Anyway wish you luck. I know how hard it is when it comes to making a decision about starting the learning process for your little dearest, but believe me you would'nt even realise how fast time flies by......

Take care......

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I've never heard of Kids World but have heard of Chubby Cheeks in Discovery Gardens. I believe they are a newer nursery but already have a decent reputation. Discovery Gardens isn't too far from JLT but if you live in JLT you'd probably be right to find a place in a nursery there instead of driving out.

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Have a look through our business directory for a list of all the nurseries in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT).

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Hi! I would like to share my experience with Mosaic nursery. They are located in the heart of JLT.     They have spacious classrooms for around 16 kids and with fun filled indoor & outdoor activities to enhance inner talent. My 2 yr old daughter have been there for a year now. I can see she gets excited whenever its a school day.                                                                                                                     Try to take a tour or visit there website for rates.

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Mosaic Nursery is an exciting early year’s educational centre located in the heart of JLT. They have big classrooms and provide well qualified teachers that will ensure every child entrusted to it is nurtured to develop and grow as a willing and enabled learner.

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My dayghter has been in Oakfield Early Learning Centre (this is behind JLY opposite cluster I and J) for teh last year and it is really a hidden gem. The management tells me there are over 32 nationalities of children here and it has the advantage of being on the ground floor - so is very safe. They take babies as little as 2 months old and so I was able to put my daughter there from the day I had to go back to work. We are very happy there.

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Hello, have you considered Kids Kingdom JLT? The staff are so caring and they have great facilities my LO loves it. I sometimes think he would rather stay at nursery than come home! They are really reasonably and also have transport if you need help getting to and from nursery. You should book a tour and get a feel for a place. I always say to my friends choosing a nursery is like choosing a house, you just get that feeling.

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