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Looking for feedback from parents with children at Jumeira Baccalaureate School. We are considering enrolling our daughter there for 4th grade. Thanks in advance.

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Are all the private school kids off for Spring break this week? Wondering how packed the malls and beaches will be.

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Was at Dubai Mall today and Mothercare sale started today for anyone wondering. :)

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Has anyone seen any Go Diego Go stuff for sale? My daughter is obsessed with him (she thinks she is Deigo). I'm looking for anything really, clothing, shoes, socks, books, or linens.

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Planning on taking my little one this week to Mickey's Amazing Adventure at Mall of the Emirates and wanted to know if a 2 1/2 year old will sit through the show? How long does it last? Feedback appreciated.

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Waterpark? Beach? Is it even hot enough? Then we thought maybe the beach? But with the drownings in Jumeira last week, we are kind of spooked that the beach is too rough?

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The Dubai Executive Council has called for private schools to freeze their tuition fees for 2011-12. Very interesting news as some schools genuinely need to increase fees to operate.Source: http://www.emirates247.com/news/government/private-school-tuition-fee-frozen-for-2011-12-academic-year-2011-02-28-1.361922

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I thought that the government said schools can only charge 500 dirhams for a registration fee. I have been looking at various school websites and the registration fees are all over the place. Does anyone know what the schools are allowed to charge?

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What is there to do for teens during the spring break in April? Back home they would sit around the house for a week but I would rather they get out of the house this year.

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