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Parents if you are staying in Dubai over the Summer holiday break and want to enrol your child in a summer camp or activity, head on over to the Summer Camp category of our business directory or our What's On guide for a complete list of events happening in Dubai.Summer camps in our What's On guide - http://dubai.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonsearch.asp?q=summer+campA list of Summer camp companies - http://dubai.angloinfo.com/af/566/dubai-summer-camps-and-activities.html

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Please respond if you know which American or IB curriculum schools have places open for Grade 6. A friend of the family is asking and I don't know as mine are younger than that. Thanks for any leads.I'm thinking the schools with openings are probably the newer schools, right? This is the list I came up with:Collegiate American SchoolAmerican School of Dubai (maybe since they expanded?)Jumeirah Baccalaureate SchoolUptown School (new campus?)GEMS Wellington Academy DSOAm I missing any?

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I am looking for an activity center that I can take my children to over the summer break. Ideally I want to enroll them in music or dance lessons at the same time so I am not going back and forth. Is there any place like that?

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My daughter will turn 4 this year and we are looking to put her in kindergarten starting September 2012. Can anyone recommend a good elementary school in Mirdif area? We may move there over the Summer but one of the issues would be finding a school first. We prefer a smallish school if possible? A neighbor mentioned Star International School as having a good reputation with a low teacher to pupil ratio. Any others?

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Thinking of taking the little ones tomorrow. Anyone been there? Children are 10, 4 and 1 year old. Will they like it?

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I used to go to a breastfeeding support group but lost their information. Is there a group that meets in the Marina or JBR area? I have been BFing but have recently felt like my supply isn't enough. My son's weight gain is fine but I just feel like it's not working as well. Maybe talking to some other BFing mums would help.

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I waited too long and now my son's school doesn't have spaces for his little brother next year. I really don't want to have them in separate schools. Which British schools have spaces still open for FS 1 in the fall?

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Are there any French nurseries in Dubai?

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Spring sales are on!!! Yesterday I went shopping and saw the following sales on:Carters - Spend 200 AED and get a 50 AED voucher for future purchase.Mothercare - Up to 25-50% sale on selected clothing and pushchairs. They don't know when it ends :SToys R Us - Storewide sale up to 50% off (I think). This one ends 2nd week of April if I remember correctly.Time to shop mommies!

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Looking for English-speaking speech therapists for my 10 year old. Can anyone recommend one that is patient and knows how to work with kids his age? Would prefer someone that works in Healthcare City or out towards Mirdif. Thanks!

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We are planning a last minute trip just before Spring break for a couple of days. We had planned on taking a proper weeklong vacation but plans were thwarted by unexpected work conflicts. So frustratng.Any ideas where we should take the kids for a getaway? We will only have 3 days and 2 nights so I think flying anywhere is out of the question.

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I'm gathering information about schools for an Indian colleague. His son is 3 years old and ready to start school in another year or so. Which are the recommended schools? He is also open to other schools like British and American systems. Any advice?

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Is there a school that specialises in Arabic language lessons for children?

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Can anyone recommend a camp for my 10 year old son to attend over Spring break? We've done Active Sports before but wanted to try something different this time around. Nothing specifically against them, just want to try something else. Somewhere in Festival City/Mirdif area or near a Metro stop is good. Thanks!

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Any recommendations for a holiday camp during the spring holiday break? We planned on going for a trip to Oman but my husband has to work at the last minute. Thanks

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Hello. I'm curious to hear what languages your children speak? How are you able to keep them up with their native language if it isn't English. I am married to a French Canadian and our 2 children speak a bit of French. Since becoming expats they won't get gram and paps speaking French to them and I speak well enough to converse but not teach them.Any tips from French speaking mommies out there?

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Can anyone recommend a good physiotherapist (physical therapy) for a 4 year old. I would like her to get evaluated to see if she needs to get some help with her coordination. Thanks

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I have 2 wee ones and wondering which cinemas are child friendly? Back home they would run special showings with the volume a bit lower so as to not hurt their ears. Are there any cinemas in Dubai that do this as well?

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Is there an Arabic version of Sesame Street? I've seen Dora the Explorer and other cartoons in Arabic but I'm looking for something more appropriate for my 8 month old. She already loves the songs on Sesame Street but it's only in English. Anyone know?

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Is it too late to start my 10 year old with music lessons? How do you choose an instrument for kids to learn? Whatever they are interested in or something "practical" like piano?

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