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Does anyone know contact information for Kids Palace Nursery in Jumeira? I read about it in the Mother Baby Child magazine but there were several errors leaving the phone number and email address incorrect?

started by: Wanderer-339925 · last update: 1326669095 · posted: 1317006975

My husband has finalised a job transfer to Dubai and was told we would have to move in January. How difficult will it be to find a school for my daughter? Will schools even take her mid term?

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Are Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort, Al Ain Zoo, and the Family & Kids Park Zoo all the same thing? I'm trying to plan a family day trip to Al Ain for next weekend and a bit confused.

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Has anyone enrolled their son or daughter at Barcelona football school here in Dubai? We are thinking of putting our oldest son there but would like some feedback. He is 10 turning 11 at the end of the year.

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Thought it would be a good idea to get a list going of all the fun holiday activities happening in December. Please add to this list if anything is going on where you live. Thanks!

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Is there anyone who is doing this? How would it work with visas, commuting, and schools? A friend from back home is being considered for a job in the UAE but the living accommodations are in Sharjah. They have one child, 2 years old.Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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Is anyone putting their children in a winter camp during the Christmas break? I have 3 children in the house and would like to keep them busy. Any recommendations?

started by: gleekfamily-339351 · last update: 1323604372 · posted: 1321785023

I'm trying to find a nursery school besides Yellowbrick Road and Gulf Montessori.

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Hello, I arrived in Dubai last week, along with my husband and 2 children (ages 5 and 6) we have lived in Geneva for four years but originally from the Uk (Manchester) I used angloinfo when I arrived in Geneva and met some very good friends. If there are any other ladies like me who are looking to meet for a coffee and chat, then please get in touch!

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My almost 2 year old is getting a bit stir crazy. Any suggestions on where I can take her now the weather is so nice?

started by: Carrie Anne-339998 · last update: 1323092734 · posted: 1319618419

hello i am new in dubai. is there nursery schools near to downtown area?

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Where can I buy a Sophie the giraffe teether? A girlfriend mentioned it was a life saver when her daughter was teething.

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For parents living in The Springs where do you take your children for nursery school? My daughter is almost 2. She's not ready yet but will probably go next September.

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I have a 2.5 year old daughter who could use some playtime. Are there any toddler groups out there? Or does anyone have suggestions of where I can take her to play with kids her age?

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I'm shoe shopping for my oldest and wondering where I should buy his school shoes from? He will wear athletic shoes every day to school so they need to be good quality. Any recommendations?

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Which are the best swim schools in Dubai? I'm looking for beginners lessons for my two young ones. The oldest can swim and is ready for training but the littlest one is still learning to swim.

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Hello we've just moved to Dubai this week and looking to settle our daughter into nursery. We are living on Palm Jumeirah so thinking it be best to find a place close as the traffic getting in and out can be terrible at times. Any suggestions? Thank you

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Well I royally messed up my daughter's first hair cut. I cut her bangs and snipped one side to far back and she has this huge gap. OOPS! It's pretty much grown back in now but I think it would be good to give her a short cut. Sometimes she is difficult about having her hair washed and brushed. I think if it's shorter it'll be easier to maintain.So I'm looking for a good place to take her for her first proper hair cut. She can be little miss difficult, so would prefer a place that is used to dealing with kids.Anyone?

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It's time for our family's favorite holiday of the year HALLOWEEN! But are there places to go trick or treating? Normally we would walk around our neighborhood but I'm not sure if that's allowable here or if people will think we are crazy. Then it got me thinking, how do people celebrate other American holidays in Dubai? I'm thinking Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Where can I take my daughter to go trick or treating?

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