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Hiya. I saw a deal on Groupon for Kidville and was wondering if anyone has taken their kids there before? We had a look walking by the one in Uptown Mirdif but to be honest it was a bit too pricey for us. This deal sounds great but I still wanted some feedback first. Thanks!

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I'm trying to find out information about the Little League here. My son played baseball in the YMCA league but there's nothing like that here. Does anyone know when registration begins?

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Does anyone have children going to Collegiate American School this September? I know it's a brand new school but we are considering enrolling our children there. Does anyone know anything about who runs the school, where their teachers are recruited from and anything else? The fees are pretty high but my husband's company will pay them so that isn't a concern. We just want our children to get into a good school.

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I need information on how to apply for a residency visa for a baby born in Dubai. Do I need to have the baby's passport before I apply for it or can I do it at the same time?

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Just wanted to let you ladies know that Babyshop stores have a sale on now. Some buy 1 get 1 offers on clothes and other bits.

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The first term of the season starts next weekend. I understand there are still a couple of spaces left in case anyone is interested. They are offering players a chance to personalise their kits on the first two days of the term (30/9 and 1/10).For what it's worth there might be a discount still available, they offered it to Skywards members last term. Hope to see some of your children on the pitch this wekeend.

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Are there any dance schools near to Mirdif? I am keen to enrol my daughter in ballet after school but can't find a studio near to us.

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Other than the small area in Toys R Us, where should I look for baby furniture like a crib, stroller and car seat?

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Does anyone know if there is an infant/toddler playgroup in or near Deira or Mirdif? Or are there any mommies in the area that might want to meet up? I have a 2 month old and a 3 year old. Just looking to make some friends near us. Thanks!

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Does anyone know if this is open yet? I was there last month and they were still putting it together. It's on the top floor opposite Toys R Us.

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Back home there are back to school sales going on now but I havent seen any of that here. I know the Dubai Summer Surprises sales just finsihed but are there going to be more sales before school starts?

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Our children have been offered places at both schools and my husband and I are deciding which school to enrol them in. We are having a tough time choosing as we like things about both schools. These are the issues that we are stuck on:1. Driving time between Arabian Ranches and both schools. How is the school run in the morning and afternoon?2. How much of a concern is it that Wellington Academy is brand new? Should we expect a lot of teething issues?3. Are there a lot of children living in Arabian Ranches that go to either school? We are moving into Mirador 1 and would love for some of our childrens classmates will live close by.Oh and by the way. We need to answer by the end of next week. Thanks everyone for your help with this!

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Just wondering as I might want to put my daughter in for a week mid-August. The summer has passed quickly and she hasn't had much to do around the house, but thought it would be a good treat to end the summer.

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I have 3 young children, an infant, 3 year old and 9 year old. Is it possible to go to an iftar with children? I'd like to take them to one as a family, but am thinking maybe it's too late for them? Or might it be too chaotic? Anyone with children taken their kids to an iftar in Dubai? If so, which ones are the most family-friendly. Thanks!

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We are debating staying most of the summer in Dubai and putting our 11 year old daughter into a summer camp. We think she may be old enough to go to a sleep away camp out of the country, on her own. We haven't tried any day camps in Dubai, but thought it would be a good experience to go away on her own for 2 weeks. Can anyone recommend a summer camp programme with a good reputation?Alternatively are there any local summer camp programmes in UAE or Oman that do overnight camps?

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I tried calling Dubai Polo & Equestrian club but can't seem to get through. Does anyone know when Cine Splash starts?

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We are looking at nursery schools for this September for our 3 year old daughter in the Deira area. I think the closest may be Yellowbrick in Garhoud, am I right?

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We will most likely stay in Dubai the entire time, except for 2 weeks vacation to Cyprus. What is everyone else doing?I think we will put our oldest in a summer camp or 2. Thinking 1 sports related and the other music/drama related. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I haven't shopped for a nursing bra in over 3 years and since we weren't actually planning Baby E's arrival, I gave mine away. Any recommendations from mommies for comfortable nursing bras, mid priced, no underwire needed (sadly). I like both the type that you can pull the breast out over the bra as well as the ones that have little latches on either side and the front panel folds down. Thanks!

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Does anyone know what it costs to use them and if they are any good? It seems like they are specialists in getting the passports and residency visas done for babies but I don't know anyone who has used them. They're just basically a PRO firm for this specific thing right?

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