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My 3 year old is really into ballet dancing but she doesn't really have a sit quietly and follow directions kind of personality. I'm not sure she will have the patience for ballet lessons, but she really enjoys it. She loves the outfits, reading books about it, doing pirouettes, sautes and whatever other ballet moves (clearly I never took ballet). Should I risk it and sign her up for a class? I would hate to spend a ton of money signing her up for a whole session just to have the instructor boot her out for being disruptive! :)

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Is it as bad as trying to get a space at school? My son is 4 but I don't want him stuck in the house all day. I'd like to get him used to being away from me so it's not a total shock when he goes to nursery this September. When should I start looking? I appreciate any suggestions for places that take children this young.

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Our family is moving to Dubai this year and we'll be living in Arabian Ranches. Which schools are best for this area? My daughter will need to use the school transporation as we'll only have 1 car for the family. So I'm looking for a private school that has a good academic reputation and won't be a long bus ride. Thank you.

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I'm currently pregnant and have a young child at home. I'm thinking it would be good for my little one to go to nursery school in September, but I don't want her going 5 days a week and prefer half days only.Which nurseries offer flexible day schedules like 2 or 3 days instead of 5?

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E Sports runs a holiday camp at my son's school in the summer. Is it worth sending my son?

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I keep driving by the store with big signs that say they are opening soon. Does anyone know when?

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I have just discovered our daughter has been hiding and drawing with crayons on the tile floors of our apartment!!!! How do you clean it off? I tried rubbing it, but that's not working well. Oh it's on the tile and grout between the tiles too! HEEEEEELP!

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I'm curious if the schools talked to students about Osama Bin Laden being killed. It seems like most schools would prefer that parents were the first to discuss it because it's so sensitive. Any news from the kiddos?

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Does anyone have an afterschool tuition programme they can recommend for my 11 year old daughter? Her marks are average but this past term they dropped slightly and I'm worried she is having a hard time keeping up as the work gets harder.

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Are there proper childrens gymnastics classes in the Jumeira or Umm Sequim areas? Not like MiniGym or MyGym but one where they are taught tumbling and work on the different apparatuses.

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Short of turning into a Toddlers & Tiaras type of mummy, I think my little one would really enjoy doing some modelling. He is always looking at himself and loves posing for pics.

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Our family is moving to Dubai this summer and we are looking for places for our 3 children in a British curriculum school. So far we have tried Horizon School, Kings' Dubai, and Safa School and no one seems to have openings? Can this really be true, I'm starting to have a panic. Our problem is we need places for 2 of our children this year (the youngest won't go to school until 2012) as we don't want to split the kids up.Does anyone know which schools have open enrolment for FS2 and Year 2?

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Are there any mummy/baby fitness classes in Dubai Marina or JBR areas? Or even anywhere that has a Metro stop within walking distance?I fancy trying a couple out before we head off for holiday. I have a 10 month infant so it needs to be baby friendly. Prefer not to go to a gym and sign up for membership, just want to do the classes.

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My husband and I just found out we are expecting our first child. We are over the moon about it but now the reality of all the red tape and procedures is settling in. It's only our second year in Dubai so we don't have much experience at all with the healthcare system. Can anyone poitn us in the right direction? Thanks!

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Does anyone know what time they do the shark feeding at Dubai Mall aquarium? Everytime we've gone there's nothing going on. Also can you see what's going on from the outside or do you need to buy the tunnel pass and watch from inside?

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I took a quick look around Babyshop (the sale drew me in!) and Mothercare this weekend and there are so many different brands and different kinds of strollers. I'm completely overwhelmed. And what's this about prams and push chairs? Are they different from strollers? Clearly I'm lost and need to do more research before this baby comes.

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We are considering homeschooling since it's been such a nightmare trying to find a place for my two young children at school. Is there an official organisation or network of homeschoolers that are concentrated in a certain area of Dubai?It would be our first time homeschooling, but it seems like a very real option at this point. At least for the first year until we are settled.

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Has anyone heard of or tried this? Besides the fact that it's an awful name, although I guess technically you are dropping your kids off, it sounds like something that might help mothers with young children.I see mothers with toddlers at the market looking ragged while trying to control their toddlers and shop at the same time. I feel so awful for them.

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I heard that they updated Kidzania with some new areas. The kids love it there but quite frankly the price is a bit high considering parents have to pay to get in as well! I would like to take them again soon since there are some new attractions, but is it worth it?

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My husband and I have been talking about how the children will adjust to our new life in Dubai. Our littlest one shouldn't have a problem, but our 10 year old seems curious but a bit reluctant to lose his friends. Does anyone have any advice about how to help them adjust and possibly make friends before school starts?

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