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Looking for an accountant who is reasonably priced. Any recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend a reliable property consultant?

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Does anyone know of a British family lawyer based hefe in Dubai I can get in touch with?

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Looking for someone who can notarize a real estate transaction - anyone got recommendations on where to go?

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A friend is looking for a lawyer to assist her with domestic issues with her husband. Any recommendations?

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What Every Expat Should Know About Guardianship in the UAE  If you currently reside in the UAE as an expat, and your family is also in the country with you, then it’s absolutely critical that you understand the countries guardianship laws. The stakes are incredibly high. Imagine, for instance, that you (the husband) should pass away here in the UAE without a last will and testament designating who will take guardianship over your children in the event of your death. In a case like this, Sharia Law will pass judgment over who receives the children. And contrary to what you might believe, this is not always the mother of the children.  Contact me for more inormation lee.campbell@finsbury-associates.com

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A friend of mine was terminated from her position without notice after one year and would like to seek help. Can anyone recommend an agency or lawyer she can contact to seek counsel regarding such an issue?

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking notaire?

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I need to have a document on a real estate transaction notarized. Anyody got recommendations on where to go?

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Can someone suggest me a good lawyer who could help me with the legal property transfers.

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Hi guys. Can someone recommend a lawyer that can create a will for us and doesn't cost too much? We spoke to a lawyer already but his fee was way to high for our budget

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I'm considering accepting a job in Dubai and just thinking ahead about the future. if I decide this position isn't for me is it possible to just go work for another company or do I have to leave and start all over again? Thanks for any advice.

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Hi everybody, can any one advise me my legal standing in case of my car repair, which was repaired by insurance company with damaged and repaired parts. I have comprehensive insurance and on my dispute they are saying under Emirates Rules, a 2011 model or more than 12 months old car parts can not be replaced with new one. In my case parts were bought from scrap and were damaged too, were repaired and repainted in car color. Is there any government rule as they claims.

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I have a few pieces of gold jewellery which are damaged and I would like to sell as scrap. where is the best place to go for this? what sort of price should i expect per g? 

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My renters have complained that the neighbours constantly make loud noise, I have been to check it out and it seems that there is a fairly major problem, it is one family disturbing the whole block, not just my renters.. I asked if the neighbours could please keep it down a little but they were rude. What can I do about it?

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Hello to all,  Does anyone know how it works if we terminate our operation of a small business (car wash) and wish to sell our trade license from Dubai Economic Department?  I was told that it is possible especially when there is a limit on how many of those licesnes DED is allowing.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks tomek   

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I am working in Dubai and want to enjoy life when I retire. I want to try to get a QROPS for expatriates but the problem is I don’t know who is the best adviser to get and how much does it cost for that. Also what would be the possible questions that I need to ask to them?

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  I am a Non US citizen taxpayer ( lived outside USA) . 30% from my saving in Transamerica retirement solutions  ( contributed by my US based employer) have been deducted when I have taken full refund of my deposit in the company. Do I am eligible to get tax refund partly or in full.

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Can anyone recommend a translator who can help with negotiating a property purchase, thanks.

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Which is a good life insurance plan in Dubai?

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