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Where do you go for an ice cream?

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Hi,I am a 48 year old professional guy who has newly arrived in Abu Dhabi, looking to meet sociable people to enjoy a drink and a nice meal.Looking forward to meeting you all!Thanks 

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Hi,I am new in Dubai. Which restaurant do you think offers good and cheap food (any cuisine aisde from Indian)

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Has anyone seen this anywhere in Dubai?

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Looking for somewhere with a traditional cuisine. Got any recommendations?

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A friend who is severely gluten and lactose intolerant will be visiting. What's the best food or restaurant chain you guys can recommend?

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Where to get a good mandi?

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Deep dish preferred. What's your favorite?

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Husband is looking for some Dr Pepper, any idea where to buy here?

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Hi guys! Anyone knows where to buy this?

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Any special places to try here in Dubai?

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Anyone seem them lately?

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First Skittles, now this. Been to 2 branches of Spinneys already and can't seem to find them.

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