List of Top 10 web development trends to follow in 2020

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I started working on web development for the last 5 years. From that, I had seen web development fields keep getting the latest trends and innovation every year that changes the way of working, but it made it easy for the programmer to develop creative solutions. I am putting some light on web development trends to be following in 2020 Progressive Web apps are used to create an excellent browser experience for the end-user. On the other way, the progressive web app is looking like a mobile app, but they are web pages. With a progressive web app, artificial intelligence is another kind of web development trends. You have seen the chatbots work with artificial intelligence and machine learning that is going to be comprehensive in the coming period. If you are much concerned with the loading time of the web page, AMP plays a vital role in the loaded webpage quickly, and its loading time considered to be two seconds and helps in improving the search engine ranking. The list of web development trends is listed below.                                                                                                       1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) 2. Artificial Intelligence and Bots 3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 4. Single Page Application 5. Voice Search Optimization 6. Motion UI 7. Automation Testing 8. JavaScript 9. Blockchain Technology10. Internet of Things


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List of Top 10 web development trends to follow in 2020

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