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I'm looking for part time work but haven't had much luck. Are there any job placement agencies that specialize in part time jobs?

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We arrived yesterday prepared for clear skies and glorious son. All we got was wind, sand, rain and thunder! Thank goodness things are looking beautiful this morning. We are looking forward to our first day out in Dubai.

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Is it just us or has Etisalat re-arranged all the channels without so much as a warning or a letter letting us know where the new channels are?Kind of annoying trying to find all the channels we are used to. UGH!

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Is anyone else looking outside and seeing how dark it is? The weather forecast shows 70% chance of rain tonight! How exciting.

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I can't be the only one in Dubai who is confused by this. So I bought phone credit at the gas station to top up my Etisalat Wasel account. I have tried calling 101 but I can't figure out how to actually add the credit to my account? Can anyone give me the really simple version of how to do it?

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Any suggestions on where to live for a family with children attending the following schools:Jumeira Baccalaureate SchoolGEMS Wellington - Dubai Silicon OasisReptonWe are a family of 3 and looking for a simple expat community that is close to local supermarkets and parks.

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We leave for our pre-move trip at the end of the week. Any travel tips or advice before we get to Dubai? We are travelling with 2 children (3 and 10).

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Odd question to ask in the Dubai related forum I know, but I've managed to lose (I must have dropped it on an Emirates flight to Riyadh) my driver's licence. I've been on to the DVLA site but can't figure out how to apply for a replacement. One of the requirements is that one is resident in the UK, although there is provision for Brits residing abroad temporarily, which I suppose we all are. Does anyone have experience in this area, or could guide me to the right place to ask? Many thanks in anticipation J

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Has anyone else been almost run over by these carts in Dubai Mall? I was there two days ago with my little one and instead of slowing down when passing a group of people, the driver BEEPS and expects us to get out of the way! How dangerous is that?The mall wasn't even crowded as it was in the middle of the day, I can't even imagine how these carts will maneuver the crowd during the busy mall hours. What an awful idea to have these in the mall.

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Every other day it's overcast and in between it's bright and sunny. I wish the weather would make up its mind so I can plan out hte weekend!

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Wow there is almost no visibility outside! The sky is hazy and everything else, well I can't see much to report. Is the sandstorm everywhere in Dubai?

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We are looking for reputable international removal companies that will ship to Dubai. Does anyone recommend one that is based in Australia and Dubai?

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AngloINFO has launched a design update across most of the regional websites, with more changes to come! Let us know what you think about the new design. We'd love your feedback!

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Wife and I are thinking of taking a holiday cruise What cruise companies are based here in Dubai?

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Is anyone at Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall watching the insanity of this guy climbing the Burj Khalifa? I'd say "only in Dubai" but this guy has been everywhere! It's so windy and overcast, I hope he's OK.

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Our family is moving in the summer to Dubai and we are currently looking at Dubai Marina and JBR areas as it will be convenient to my husband's work. He'll be traveling to Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi several times a week.Are these the best areas for a family? We have 3 small children and would like to be close to other families.

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I just posted a classified but I still need clarification on how to hire a maid legally. I'm scared to death that I'll do something wrong and end up paying a huge fine. Just to be clear, when I go to hire the maid I need to sponsor her and go through Immigration right? If I do that then eveyrthing is legal and I shouldn't be worried, or is there more?

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I feel stupid having to ask this question, but what is an expat? I see the term on websites like expatwoman.com and I have honestly never heard it before. It sounds like someone in the military who lives overseas.

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Are there any big sales coming up before Dubai Summer Surprises? I compltley missed the boat with Dubai Shopping Festival until the last day or two when I saw that some stores really offered some great deals. Need to do some shopping but don't really want to wait until DSS. Anyone?

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I am thinking of moving and looks like the Executive Towers in Business Bay is nice. There looks like a lot of construction going on still, is it hard to get in and out of that area?

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