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Hi Guys I am busy doing my dissertation for my MBA and I am trying to collect information on the consumers perception of online shopping in Dubai/UAE. I have a quick survey and have attached the link to below, I would greatly appreciate it if you took a couple of minutes to answer the questions!!! PLEASE feel free to send this email to any other Expats (or even locals) living in Dubai/UAE, the more responses I get the more accurate my results. The password for the survey is “diss2011” http://polldaddy.com/s/8EBBB47C3A0F06E4 Kind regards and thanks for the help! Aaron

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I see so many now but haven't tried any yet. Here's a list of the money saving websites I have heard of, any others that I'm missing?CoboneGoNabitBrunches.aeFeedback on these too please? Does it really work, how easy is it? Thanks.

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Has anyone tried to return something to HyperPanda or any other store? My husband got a new android-based Samsung and isn't impressed with the fact that he can't download a million apps like on the iPhone. He is annoyed the sales people didn't tell him that android market isn't available in the UAE which means there are only 25 apps available, few of which are actually useful to him.So, after a bunch of man-whining he thinks he wants to return it. But he remembers them telling him there is no returns allowed? I think that means they will give him a voucher that he can spend in HyperPanda, but won't give him cash. He thinks it means they won't give him anything, only exchange for another product.Does anyone know for sure?

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Our family is moving to Dubai in June and we need lots of advice. We are from the US and haven't visited Dubai yet! We'll be there in April for a week to look at places to live, but we don't know where to start.Can anyone recommend good places to live in Dubai that are good for families? We are a family of 4 and our housing budget is AED 150,000. We prefer to rent a house and not an apartment if possible.

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I have a 10 hour stopover at Dubai airport in the middle of the night - are there any hotel rooms within the airport at a reasonable price? I have 2 small kids and don't fancy spending that amount of time on chairs - I imagine we won't be able to leave the airport as we won't have visas..

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Seeing what is happening in Bahrain, is there a sense of a similar thing brewing in the UAE?

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The Dubai Police is urging residents and citizens to direct calls to the right numbers:Non emergency calls - 901Emergencies - 999For other helplines see: Dubai Emergency Telephone Numbers page

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Been a regular user on Geneva for years and use London when I go there for work. V-hapy to have an AI in Dubai - I'll be spending time here in the future. Go well and good luck! (Hi to all S'Affies :-))

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