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Antibodiesfrom patients who recovered from COVID-19 infection and those who received 2doses of Pfizer vaccination are resistant to the new version.Accordingto a study, the novel coronavirus strain Omicron is completely immune toantibodies from persons who have been cured of the virus as well as those whohave received 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.Thestudy comes amid an increase in cases of the disease, as defined by the (WHO) WorldHealth Organization.However,when combined with AstraZeneca and Pfizer, a third dosage of the Pfizervaccination may be beneficial against the new variation, according to thestudy.Multipleantibodies previously used to treat Covid-19 have been found to be ineffectiveagainst Omicron, according to the study in the journal Cell.TheOmicron coronavirus variant has caused widespread concern due to its greatpotential for transmission and the possibility of thirty-seven differentmutations.Thevariation was first discovered in South Africa and it has since spread to overa hundred nations around the world.Accordingto the researchers, the Omicron version of SARS-CoV-2 seems to be growingfaster than any prior strain and it may soon dominate globally.Theyemployed non-hazardous disease particles that contain the Omicron spikeproteins and are ideally suited to studying virus entry and inhibition in thisinvestigation.TheSARS-CoV-2 virus uses the spike protein to enter and damage cells.COVID-19is now treated with antigens Casirivimab and Imdevimab, as well as Etesevimaband Bamlanivimab.Theseantibodies, however, were shown to be mostly inactive against the Omicronspike, according to the researchers. According to them, only some antigens likeSotrovimab and Molnupiravir can blockthe Omicron spike.Accordingto study lead author Markus Hoffmann of the German Primate Centre, "ourcell culture tests imply that most antibodies now accessible for COVID-19treatment will be inefficient against Omicron.""Sotrovimaband Molnupiravircapsule is an exception," Hoffmann said, adding that it "maybecome an essential therapy option for Omicron-infected patients."Peoplewho are infected in Germany during the initial wave of the pandemic may havedeveloped antibodies that defend against the Omicron form, according to theresearchers.Whilethe antibodies were effective against the virus that caused the first wave,they were ineffective against the Omicron wave.Theybelieve these people don't have strong immunological defences against theOmicron version, though they haven't looked into whether T cells, that are alsocreated during infection, have a role.Antibodiesdeveloped after two doses of the Pfizer vaccination also suppressed the Omicronspike less effectively than spike proteins from other variations, according tothe researchers.Theyfound that after three Pfizer dosages and heterologous vaccination with Pfizerand AstraZeneca preventives, there was a greater protective effect.Thesefindings suggest that Pfizer's dual vaccination may provide less protectionagainst the Omicron version than the Delta variant.Itwas discovered that triple vaccinations with Pfizer (boost) andcross-vaccination with Pfizer/AstraZeneca could provide better protection."Ourfindings suggest that Covid-19 antibody treatments should be tailored to theOmicron version. The BioNTech-Pfizer antibody should also be investigated foradaptation "Hoffmann stated."Incontrast, BioNTech-Pfizer (booster) triple immunisation and cross-vaccinationusing Oxford-AstraZeneca," Hoffmann said.  

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Been experiencing hair thinning for more than 3 months now which is a first for me. Has anyone had similar experience and can you give natural solutions on how to prevent this and grow my hair back?

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Any recommendations for organic or natural beauty products to use here in Dubai?

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Which is the best hair removal machine available in the market?

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How to find the best doctors in UAE?

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The benefits of massage reveal thatit is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. A Good Massage once in a week can result in the removal of life-threatening diseases.

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Few things are as satisfying as a chilled glass of water in the blistering heat of summer, particularly if you are working out on a regular basis. But when it’s freezing outside, the last thing on your mind is a cold beverage. That’s why it’s a lot easier for your body to become dehydrated during winter. With the warm summer months behind us, we no longer carry our water bottles to stay hydrated, do we? Here are a few reasons why staying hydrated is just as important in the winters as it is in the summers.Water for health – The air becomes drier during the winter months due to the significant drop in temperature, leading to dehydration in our bodies. When you drink enough water, you give your body 100% #SampurnaSuraksha to fight off these diseases.Water for weight loss – Drinking plenty of water will not only help you fight weight gain but will also help your metabolism in digesting the food faster and more efficiently.Water for detoxification – During winter, staying active can be a challenge, which makes it harder for the body to flush out the bodily toxins. Drinking enough purified water helps get those impurities out of our bodies and keep us energized and healthy. There are plenty of reasons to include water in your regular diet. You can mix it up with a hot cup of green tea, or take hot water with lemon. 

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I am not interestd in joining the gym but in dire need of getting into shape. Went on holiday for a week and put on (gasp!!!) 2 kg. But to be honest I think I am more like 10 kg overweight. The problem with going to the gym is I lose motivation if I'm just with myself. Any suggestions?

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Any ideas on where can I buy raw unrefined shea butter here in Dubai?

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Which anti aging treatment would you consider the best ant most effective one without having any side effects . How can i hide my wrinkles and dark circles ?

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Has anyone had undergone breast augmentation here in Dubai? How much would it cost and any recommendation for a good doctor? A friend is looking for some recommendation.

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is there any plastic surgery center in Dubai a middle class person can afford ? please name and link their contact if you new any ? 

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Looking for recommendations for a nice brow salon that does threading. Where do you go here in Dubai?

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Can anyone tell me where to buy these here in Dubai?

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A friend is thinking of getting a coupe of tattoo whilst here. Any recommendations?

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Any recommendation for a good hypnosis center?

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Has anyone had a laparoscopic hysterectomy done in Dubai? A friend needs to undergo one so we are looking for referrals for doctor and hospital . 

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Yeah, wife is already complaining of my long hair. Any good recommendations?

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Any recommendation for a good occupational therapist for kids? A friend is in need of one.Thanks.

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Any recommendations for a good place?

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