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Hey, I want to build up my garden. I am in need of a good landscape garden professional who could help me do my garden well. Could someone please help me with a good landscaping company.?

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MarhabaGardens is the best Solution to make landscape design in UAE.

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Dubai isvery busy city in this world. All are busy with their works and they are hiringservice for doing their house and commercial work. Cleaning service in Dubai isproviding maid service, pet cleaning service, glass cleaning service, deep cleaningservice, and etc. These services area affordable and power cleaning servicegiving guarantees are cleaning certificate for their clients. 

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High-quality designer Glassware from renowned international manufacturers. UAE’s premium online shopping store. Order now for your home, office, restaurant or hotel. Get the best price and bulk discounts on Drinkware. We deal in retail and wholesale.

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your house simply deserve the Best Cleaning Services in Dubai don't you agree with me ?!

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Dubai Hills Estate a magnificent and unique blend of an elegantly-planned residential building with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom units by Emaar. As one of the largest development by Emaar, it aspiring residential area within the city which will transform the way of life of residences.http://dubai-hills-estate.ae/

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Where can buy some LED strips?

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Has anyone got recommendations of stores with a variety of designs?

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Any recommendation for a company to clean water tanks?

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Where to buy? Organic or not, doesn't matter. Need pure oils and not the diluted ones.

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Any idea where to buy these? Can't seem to find them at Ikea.

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Any idea what shop sells real beeswax candles? I know there's always eBay but don't really want to spend on shipping. Thanks.

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Anyone knows where to get a few kitchen knives sharpen?

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Any idea if I can find these here in Dubai?

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Any one knows where I can get hold of this?

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Any idea where I can purchase basil seeds in Dubai?

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Any idea where can I get some wrought iron furniture custom made?

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New in Dubai so I am not familiar with shops yet. Where do I get white felt? Appreciate all responses.

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Does anyone know where I can find this - the kind of large plastic bags you can attach a vacuum cleaner to and suck all the air out of it thereby shrinking the volume and keeping all the moisture out ?

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Can anyone recommend someone reliable and efficient who can do wallpaper job at my home? 

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