Counselling & Therapists

Miriam Hoff
Psychodynamic psychotherapist specialising in child and youth therapy. Located near Frankfurt am Main.
Lyra Turnbull
Bilingual counselling, coaching, and psychotherapy practice offering appointments in Frankfurt and the Taunus.
BVD Consult
Logotherapist and consultant with years of experience of working with businesses, teams and individuals. 
Dr. Denise Ginzburg
Psychotherapy for both adults and children. Able to offer cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, schematic therapy and mindfulness based therapy. 
Dr. Konstanze Streese
English speaking psychotherapist offering trauma therapy, family counselling, couples therapy and business coaching. 
Clay Crosby
MA LMFT. English language psychotherapy and couples counseling. California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 
Iris Wieg
Psychological support and professional counselling for depression, chronic fear and panic attacks, eating disorders and compulsive behaviour. 
Carolin Heurich
Cognitive behavioural therapy for adults and couples. Offers help with stress, mood disorders, anxiety, relationship issues and eating disorders. 
Aleksandra Perlova
German, English and Russian speaking psychotherapist, coach and counsellor. Dealing with stress management, depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues. 
Dr Wolff von Auer
Counselling and Hypnotherapy for individuals and couples dealing with depression, stress, burnout, anxiety, anger, loss of self-esteem and bereavement.
Jason C. Kelley
English speaking psychologist to the Frankfurt expatriate community. 
Private psychology practice offers therapy to individuals, couples, families and children/adolescents. Sessions available 7 days a week by appointment.
Counselling Online
Works with clients of all ages with issues related to anxiety, stress, work-life balance, gender and sexuality, addictions. 
Lisa Francis Coaching
English speaking licensed independent clinical social worker with a mental health private. Therapy and counselling for individuals, couples, and families. 
Isabel Bommer
Practitioner for psychotherapy, supporting English and Spanish speaking clients. Trained gestalt therapist.
Christine Backhaus
Christine Backhaus and team providing wide range of therapy and counselling in Frankfurt and surrounding area.
Annette Soling-Hotze
Therapist and counsellor with 10 years personal experience of being an expatriate. Practices in Frankfurt and Sachsenhausen
Dr. phil. Georg Odermath
Private psychology practice and hypnotherapy for individuals, couples, families and adolescents. 
Compass Counselling
Individual and couples therapy to address low mood, negative thought, anxious feelings, anger, stress management and relationship discord. 
Marita Helkimo-Hauser
Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. English spoken. 
Verband Binationaler
Certified psychologists and counsellors for bi-national families and partnerships. At Ludolfusstr. 2-4, 60487 Frankfurt.
Sabine Jontofsohn
Frankfurt based psychotherapist offering help for any emotional problem. Specialises in couples and bi-national couples counselling. Speaks German, English and Spanish. 
Andrea Regan
Assessment and therapy for children with speech, language or communication difficulties including stammering, language delays and children with autism and developmental delays.