Financial Consultants & Advisors

ExpatTax, LLC
US and international individual tax services. At Mainzer Landstrasse 46, 60325 Frankfurt.
HKM Heitmann Kaemmerling Mihulka
Financial advisors for legal and tax services. At Hermannstrasse 4, 60318 Frankfurt.
MainFirst Bank AG
Financial advisors and asset management. At Torhaus Westhafen, Speicherstrasse 57, 60327 Frankfurt.
Cathy J. Matz-Townsend
Independent insurance broker and investment advisor for international clients in Germany. Offers car, home, liability and health insurance as well as a range of investment products. Based in Kronberg.
Innovalis Asset Management GmbH
International property / asset management and consulting services. At Duesseldorfer Strasse 9, 60329 Frankfurt.
Frankfurt Main Finance
Tailored banking for corporate clients. At Main Triangel, Zum Laurenburger Hof 76, 60594 Frankfurt.
US Tax Solutions GmbH
U.S. Tax Solutions specialises in the preparation of U.S. income tax returns for taxpayer's living and working outside the United States.
Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH
International asset management and financial advisors. At Mergenthalerallee 3-5, 65760 Frankfurt.
International asset and property management service. At Reuterweg 49, 60323 Frankfurt.
Colliers International Corporate Solutions GmbH
International estate agents. Properties to buy and sell or lease. Property appraisal and asset management. At Ulmenstrasse 37-39, 60325 Frankfurt
Greg J Schmidt
Law office which provides international advice on taxation and US investments. At Beethovenstr. 24, 60325 Frankfurt.
Susanna Regenbogen-Stenger
Tax advice and financial services including business payroll, balance sheets and tax return, tax planning, pensions and inheritance tax returns. At Raiffeisenstrasse 9, 61118 Bad Vilbel.
deVere Group
Global, independent,financial consultancy: asset management, life insurance, foreign exchange, retirement planning, savings, stock and online trading. At Schillerstrasse 14, 60313 Frankfurt.
KPMG Deutsche Treuhand Gesellschaft AG
Global investment and financial advisors. Asset management. At The Squaire, Am Flughafen, 60549 Frankfurt.
Charles S. Austin
Financial advisor. Im Sachsenlager 15, 60322 Frankfurt.
Financial consultants for corporate clients: distressed debt, real estate, compliance, debt advice and corporate finance services. At Hanauer Landstrasse 136, 60314 Frankfurt.
MTS Moenus
Tax advisors and accountants. Services include tax consulting and declarations, annual statements, payroll accounting, management consultancy and financial consulting. At Sandweg 94 / Gebäude B. 60316 Frankfurt am Main