Hospitals & Health Centres

J W Goethe University Hospital
University hospital. See website for comprehensive list of all departments. At Theodor-Sterin-Kai 7, 60590 Frankfurt.
Krankenhaus Sachsenhausen
Hospital which specialises in diabetes, obesity surgery and endrocrinology. At Schulstr. 31, 60594 Frankfurt.
Hospital with A&E department (access via Richard-Wagner-Strasse). At Nibelungenallee 37-41, 60318 Frankfurt.
Krankenhaus Nordwest
General hospital (see website for all departments). Also offers treatment for international patients and accommodation for accompanying relatives. At Steinbacher Hohl 2-26, 60488 Frankfurt.
Berufsgenoosenschaftliche Unfallklinik
Accident and emergency clinic also diagnostic and interventional radiotherapy treatment. At Friedberger Landstr. 430, 60389 Frankfurt.
Hospital zum heiligen Geist / Hospital of the Holy Ghost
Christian hospital. At Lange Str. 4-6, 60311 Frankfurt.
Airport Klinik
Access to the clinic is in Terminal 1 between Zones B and C. At Frankfurt Airport, 60549 Frankfurt.
Diakonissen Krankenhaus
Christian hospital. At Holzhausenstrasse 72, 60322 Frankfurt.
Clementine-Kinderhospital - Childrens Hospital
Specialist hospital for babies and children: general medicine, diabetology, neonatal, nephrology, pneumology, pyschosomatics, rheumatology, sonography, outpatients and therapy. At Theobald-Christ-Str. 16, 60316 Frankfurt.
Bethanien Krankenhaus GmbH
Hospital with 245 beds specialising in cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, angiology and diabetology offering advanced medicine and care with Christian values. Im Prufling 21-25, 60389 Frankfurt-Bornheim.
Maingau Red Cross Hospital
145 bed hospital in central Frankfurt. Chest pain unit, surgical department, neurosurgery, orthopaedics (see website for all departments). At Scheffelstr. 2-14, 60318 Frankfurt.