Magazines & Newspapers

Large selection of popular UK & US magazines available in digital format by subscription. Magazines can be read on or offline.
Schmitt & Hahn Buch und Presse GmbH & Co. KG
International newspapers, magazines and books. Open Monday to Saturday from 05:15-23:00 and Sunday from 06:00-23:00. At Frankfurt Main Station, platform 16/17.
Online magazine subscriptions service for over 400 UK magazines covering a wide range of interests. Order the subscriptions online for direct delivery in over 250 countries worldwide.
International online version of this well-known news magazine: includes special reports, summaries of other German newspapers and blogs.
New in the City
Bilingual English-German guide for newcomers which is published once a year and is available from most newsagents across the city. Online version also available.
Online guide and Internet link to newspapers throughout Germany.