Motor Sports: Track, Bike, Kart

Kippes - Kart
Karts and buggies for over 18s. Formula 1 fan shop. Gift packages available. At Erzbergerstrasse 23, 65933 Frankfurt.
Indoorkart2000 - Race Center
Indoor kart race track for adults and children. Restaurant facilities. Open Monday to Friday from 17:30-23:00, Saturday from 13:00-23:00 and Sunday from 11:00-22:00. See website for holiday opening hours. At Krupp Str. 121, 60388 Frankfurt.
Chamaeleon Beach
Leisure and conference resort offering a variety of team building opportunities through karting, dragon boat racing, segway riding and more. Am Wickerbach 3, 65439 Floersheim.
ADAC Youngster Cup
ADAC competitive motor sports for young people from 16 and above (karting, rally driving, minibikes and motor boat sports). At Lyoner Strasse 22, 60528 Frankfurt.