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Cleaners? 2 General Started by: GeetarGurl · Updated: 1636378774 · Created: 1357592096
Can anyone recommend a reliable, reasonbaly priced weekly cleaning service? Thanks in advance!
Oven cleaner 3 Home & Garden Started by: SuzyInGer · Updated: 1636378728 · Created: 1399028084
Is there a specialist oven cleaning company in Frankfurt or nearby? The one we have inherited will not come clean by my
Dog breeders france 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Anne-Pharoah-1010328 · Updated: 1632224488 · Created: 1632224488
Hi ,I wonder if anyone could give some advise , I am a 5* licensed dog breeder in the uk , I breed Cockapoos which would
Spanish restaurant 0 Food & Drink Started by: SuzyInGer · Updated: 1606933546 · Created: 1375710809
Anyone know of a Spanish resaturant in the city? Can and will travel for the right place.
Continous Over charged bill by Vodafone 0 General Started by: mohie11 · Updated: 1463973580 · Created: 1463973580
Dear AllCan you please advice me, on what would be the best step forward.i signed a contract with Vodafone Germany, got
kitchen appliances 0 Home & Garden Started by: cherfleur · Updated: 1459412953 · Created: 1459412953
Hi all, I am looking for an affordable kitchen appliance supplier. In particular i need a double oven, cook top, and ran
Golf Club Membership Cost 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: mhaugstad · Updated: 1441064314 · Created: 1441064314
How much is a Golf Club Membership in Frankfurt? I am looking for information on initiation fees, plus monthly dues. Tha
getting married in Denmark 0 Families & Kids Started by: pragatipatel · Updated: 1438613089 · Created: 1438613089
Hello friends! We are an indian couple living in Frankfurt and we want to get married in coming 2 months. we are seachin
International moms Frankfurt 3 Entertainment Started by: AllyPallyMally · Updated: 1436278410 · Created: 1422525134
Is there a gathering where moms can bring there tots and have a coffee and a chat?
Mother's meetings 1 Families & Kids Started by: SuzyInGer · Updated: 1436277872 · Created: 1429891004
Are there meetups and groups for mothers in the Frankfurt area? My two are nearly 8 and 10 now but would love to meet ot
Favorite German Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: ritzymascara · Updated: 1431532142 · Created: 1431532142
What are your favorite German Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle Blogs. Those who also blog in English would be wonder. Thanks
Emigrating the UK? 0 Entertainment Started by: EllieGibbs · Updated: 1431101508 · Created: 1431101508
Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documen
Gold-dipped flowers 3 General Started by: TheChiefKaiser · Updated: 1430393251 · Created: 1428661874
Does anyone know of a shop in Frankfurt that does flowers (roses usually) dipped in gold?
Sugar free ice cream 2 Food & Drink Started by: AllyPallyMally · Updated: 1430235167 · Created: 1429527100
Having recently learned that my husband has diabetes I am looking for sugar free foods. One of his favourites is ice cre
Dog walkers 3 Pets & Animals Started by: Alfred-913267 · Updated: 1429263851 · Created: 1426166960
Is there a company that offers to walk you dog for you? I'm dog sitting for a neighbour but the pooch takes alot of walk
Jazz bars 1 Entertainment Started by: Totaleclipse · Updated: 1429263530 · Created: 1429185067
Is there a Jazz bar in Frankfurt with regular (ideally daily) live performances?
Second hand sites 0 General Started by: Totaleclipse · Updated: 1429184960 · Created: 1429184960
What's the German equivalent of the French Leboncoin please?
Tires 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: TheChiefKaiser · Updated: 1429021691 · Created: 1428662041
Would like to source reasonably priced Michelins in Frankfurt and also have them fitted.
Air purifier 1 Home & Garden Started by: Malcolm-903619 · Updated: 1429021575 · Created: 1428918704
Is there such a thing and where whould I get one please? The air in the city feels dirty to me at the moment and I'd lov
Woodland campsites 2 Sport & Leisure Started by: AllyPallyMally · Updated: 1428584665 · Created: 1428310854
As summer is coming I am looking to arrange our summer holidays. I want to take the children to a campsite with lots of