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Is there a gathering where moms can bring there tots and have a coffee and a chat?

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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Is there a Jazz bar in Frankfurt with regular (ideally daily) live performances?

started by: SuzyInGer · last update: 1424356563 · posted: 1424258864

Is there anywhere to go with people of an older generation to dance to old songs?

started by: GeetarGurl · last update: 1411468771 · posted: 1353962801

Hey! I'm looking for an open mic night in the city - is there a freindly, international one where my lack of German won't be a problem?

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Where do they meet before going to see an English film on a Monday? I was invited along once a didn't go but have now forgotten where it is as I would now like to attend. Every Monday they meetup somewhere then go and watch a film in English together. Ring any bells?

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The classic film about two people that agree a deadly pact is being performed as an English language play. Starts September and details are here: http://www.english-theatre.de/strangers-on-a-train/

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Is there a singles group in the Bornheim area? Or a dating site for English-speakers?

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Are there suitable museums for children in Frankfurt? Maybe one that does activities ans such like?

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Anywhere in Frankfurt to see The Monuments Men in English?

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Looking for an ice-bar or glitzy-themed club for some visitors that are coming to stay. Is there anything like that in Frankfurt?

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What are the best  venues for live music (pop / rock and jazz are my favourites) in Frankfurt, please?

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Anywhere in the city showing this in English and 3D do you know?

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Is there a list anywhere of upcoming festivals this year in the city?

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I know nothing of ballet. We have friends coming in the summer. Is there anywhere that we can get tickets and watch a performance in the city? I'll probably fall asleep but would like our friends to be able to experience something like this in Germany.

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Anyone going to see 'Good People' at The English Theatre Frankfurt and fancy a companion?

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I saw a concert advertised in the What's On guide on this site and wondered if anybody else is going? I want to go, but not on my own - bit funny like that. Anyone want some company? http://www.archaeologisches-museum.frankfurt.de/english/events/concerts.html

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Anyone up to anything good / know of anything cool on tonight? I've left this a bit to the last minute :S

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Hello, I'm new in town and love to sing - does anyone know of any good choirs that meet regularly and sing mainly in English? thanks

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