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Hello friends! We are an indian couple living in Frankfurt and we want to get married in coming 2 months. we are seaching for a marriage advisory company that can help us perform a simple marriage in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Please suggest us some agencies soon. It is very important for us. Thank you in advance

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Are there meetups and groups for mothers in the Frankfurt area? My two are nearly 8 and 10 now but would love to meet other English speaking expats in the area to swap stories and news with.

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Good morning. My husband an I are thinking about emigrating from the UK . Initially with thought France but now our attention has switched to Germany. We wondered if there is an English-speaking Jewish community in Frankfurt? Any information appreciated. Thanks.

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Are there Englsih speaking afterschool kids clubs in the Frankfurt area?

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Dear All Can you please support me; i am looking for a Dr. for my kids for ENT, orthopedic physician, and Pediatrician based in Frankfurt am Main, who can communicate in English to us.  We are new here, trying to settle down, just need a bit of support and advices. Many Thanks in Advance   Mohie

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Dear All    Anyone can recommend a privet teacher (German Language, and Math) for my son, he is in grade 1, we live in sossenhiem Area.  Many Thanks 

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Dear All  Hope you can advice me on how to find a school for my son. he is 6.5 years old, with speech and development delays due to lost of hearing till the age of 3.  We had to re-allocate to Frankfurt for a family reason, and live in Sossenhiem Area. We do not speak German language at all, but hoping to start learning once my kids goes to school.  Can you advice me of a school for special need kids, or any school who provide support to kids with development needs.  Thank you very much    Mohie 

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I am looking for suggestions for a German made kids' clothes manufacturer. Cany anyone help? All the clothes people have bought us for our daughter in her 5 months of life so far have been Chinese made, which seems a shame (and potentially dangerous for her).

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Mmmm I think the German working day is better structured overall, but really struggling to find childcare when school finishes so early - or rather, it's so much more expensive. really wish I'd budgeted that one. tips??

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Can anyone recommend some good online German language resources for kids? They're picking it up pretty fast but want to work on it with them at home and thought this might be the way to go.

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