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Dear Angloinfo members,I am looking for a goot coworking office in Frankfurt which is representative and where I also can rent single offices to welcome my partners and clients. I found Collection Business Center https://www.ubc-collection.com/collection-business-center-frankfurt-nextower.html which I think will fit perfect to my business. Can you recommend this or can you recommend any other Coworking space with the option to rent more and to be very flexible? I move to Frankfurt but in general I am travelling all the time around the world working at other places so that I need to be really flexible concerning office solutions. Thanks in advance for your answer and kind regards, Brigitte

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Can anyone tell me what the law is about cannabis in Germany? Is it illegal? I have neighbours that seem to smke it and I can't have my window open because the smoke blows in.

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When do we do the tax returns here in Germany please? Will I get taxed on my state pension income from the UK?

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For a trip to Switzerland, where is the best place to get a good rate on foreign exchange before we leave?

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Can you get AMEX cards through your bank here?

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So it seems that we're not out of the banking crisis in Europe just yet then... http://www.iii.co.uk/news-opinion/reuters/news/203990

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Is there a cashback credit card available from Visa (ideally) in Germany or thorugh a particular German bank?

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Has anyone had to make a claim on their home insurance for a smashed or damaged item? If so, was it sucessful and did you get a lot of hassle from the I Co?  

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Was reading this about the amount of money the Qatari royal family have invested in this bank http://www.thenational.ae/business/banking/qatar-royal-family-takes-stake-in-deutsche-bank-in-11bn-sale Staggering!

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What are the legalities of street trading artisan goods in Frankfurt / Germany?

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Going to Costa Rica next month and wondered what the best way of getting US$ and Costa Rican Colones would be? I would like to get them while here as I imagine the exchange rate will be naff when we get over there.

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Is anyone else concerned about the stock market at the moment? Is it a good time to invest do you think? I'm thinking that it probably isn't.

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Am looking for recommendations for an English speaking financial advisor with a range of products.

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Can anyone direct me to where I may renew my UK passport please.

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