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Anyone know of a Spanish resaturant in the city? Can and will travel for the right place.

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I love Kate's blogs and thought I'd share one of her latest with you all. It's about a little cake shop that I am definitely going to visit! http://relokate.eu/cookies-at-sugar-mama-in-frankfurt/

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Having recently learned that my husband has diabetes I am looking for sugar free foods. One of his favourites is ice cream but I worry about the sugar content. My question is, can you buy sugar free ice cream in the supermarkets here, or is there a specialist provider?

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What's cottage cheese in German please?

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I'm looking for a good Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt. Ideally buffet or set price so I can sample a number of items.

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Travelling down to Frankfurt from the north of Germany at the end of the week. I was wondering if there are American-style diners in the city as I'm staying fairly centrally in the QGreenHotel.

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I am looking for somewhere to buy a small Christmas pudding as a treat for my husband. He really likes it (the rest of us don't) and he hasn't had any the last two Christamsses. Does anyone know where I may get one?

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Are there any vegan / vegetarian restaurants in Bockenheim that you know of? It's a bit boring just going out and eating pasta.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a spooky snack or Halloween party treat?

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As a man that very rarely drinks I'm looking for a bit of guidance. A friend is visiting from New Zealand end of Sept and wants to go out drinking and experiencing German beers / wines and nightlife. Any suggestions where to take him? Me, I'd prefer to stay in but I've not seen him in ages so need to go with the flow.

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I'm trying to find somewhere I can pick berries myself. I know blueberries are in season right now. The only places I can find are hours away. Is there anywhere I won't have to spend the whole day on a train to get to?

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Anyone got a recipe for a eggless fruitcake? Is there somewhere that I can buy a bag of mixed dried fruit?

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Where can I buy cake tins from?

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Are there any multiple Michelin star restaurants in Frankfurt or the surrounding areas? Prefereably one that we can actually get in to.

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Strange question probably, but are there any restaurants on boats anywhere near Frankfurt?

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Anyone know how to make these easily and without fuss?

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Can anyone recommend an authentic curry house in Frankfurt please? I usually make my own, but there's nothing like the real thing!

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Is there an authentic Mexican restaurant that'd you'd recommend in the city?

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Having had Christmas without UK food it's left me hankering after things like Terry's Chocolate Orange an Christmas pud. Does anyone know of a UK food supplier in Frankfurt?

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My life would not be the same without this man... http://www.thelocal.de/20131031/doner-kebab-inventor-kadir-nurman-dies

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