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We are a privately owned Educational Laboratory technology business to cater for your Laboratory, life sciences and research requirements. We are equipped with highest quality lab equipment from test tube rack to sample jar and many more. Our products are manufactured from innovative designs. If you are after high class quality lab equipment, get in touch with us today.

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No one seems to know yet what Brexit actually means, least of all the British Government, however this link provides some clues as to how British expats may be affected.http://www.ecfr.eu/page/-/ECFR_176_-_HOW_BREXIT_COULD_HURT_EXPATS.pdf

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Dear All Can you please advice me, on what would be the best step forward. i signed a contract with Vodafone Germany, got my 3 contracts over the phone with customer service. however after three month waiting for the bill to come as promise and agreed (+/- 5%). my bill always comes 20 to 30 Euro Higher, considering any extra charges is deducted. i have sent an official email, but still no luck, they still insisting that it is as per agreement, although i asked them to go back to the voice recording, however the said they do not have any recording. i called them, and send them 3 emails (In English) so far. but my issue still not solved. should i go to a lawyer or it is not worth it, can i consult any organisation to talk to them, or advice me Many Thanks for your time reading my issue, and thank you in advance for your comments Ryan 

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I'd love to know how this was decided - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery! https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/310231/spa-timetable.pdf Sorry we do not need to hear that "life is not fair" - this is unjust. This is not a male against female rant! Please sign the petition below and see the WASPI site on Facebook for more info. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110776

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Does anyone know of a shop in Frankfurt that does flowers (roses usually) dipped in gold?

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What's the German equivalent of the French Leboncoin please?

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Hey, anyone been to the Skyline Plaza Mall? Is it worth driving to or would alternative transport be best sought?

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The family of this lady are looking for her. Apparently they've not heard from her since she landed at Frankfurt on the 20th February. She's got no credit cards only a bit of cash. Here's the webpage they've set up: http://www.missingmirela.org/

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Is it possible to utilise the 4G connection as ahome internet wireless connection?

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Has there been any of these Pegida marches in Frankfurt? I'm guessing it's more PegidaNo here, am I right?

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I bought a Nespresso coffee maker (one with the capsules) about 6 months ago, Now it leaks out of the bottom and leaves puddles on the counter. Have anyone else experienced this?

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Where can i go to buy a derailleur for my bike? The existing one seems to have seen better days.

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When's the best time of year to buy and seed a lawn? I have terrible muddy patches.

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Whoa, more changes on AngloINFO? You guys have been busy? Yes! Hot on the heels of AngloINFO Jobs, we’re launching another new section which is critical to expat life – AngloINFO Jobs. We’re testing it out on French Riviera at the moment, and will make a big announcement once we’ve ironed out any bugs that we come across and are ready to roll it out to the rest of the AngloINFO world. In the meantime, feel free to look around and use it, and if you come across any issues, just let us know.   What is AngloINFO Jobs and what can it do for me? AngloINFO Jobs is the name of the new jobs, careers and recruitment section on AngloINFO. Here, you can search through hundreds of thousands of job vacancies to find the one that’s perfect for you, wherever in the world you are (or want to be!). You can access the new AngloINFO Jobs section from anywhere on AngloINFO by clicking on “Jobs” in the top navigation bar.   If you’re an active job seeker, or interested in browsing vacancies in case that dream job shows up, AngloINFO Jobs has some great functionality to help you find relevant jobs. Register on AngloINFO Jobs and you can: search hundreds of thousands of vacancies – in your local area and around the world upload your CV so recruiters and headhunters can find you sign up for job alert emails so you never miss out create an online profile connect AngloINFO Jobs to your LinkedIn profile search for opportunities by location, industry or contract type If you’re an employer or a recruiter, AngloINFO Jobs is the place to advertise your vacancies. Not only will your job be advertised to candidates already living in your local area, but it will also be seen across the entire AngloINFO network whenever a job hunter’s search matches your job. This ensures that you get the maximum exposure for your job ad and a better chance of finding the perfect candidate.   I’m looking for a job. What’s the best way for me to use AngloINFO Jobs? There are a number of ways in which AngloINFO Jobs can help you find the perfect job in your dream location. Start by using the job search on the AngloINFO Jobs landing page. You can search by Job Title or Location, or you by Sector using the Advanced Search List of Categories. Once you’ve done a search, save it! Enter a title for the search you’ve just done and your email address, and we’ll let you know every time a new job matching your search criteria is added. That way you can be sure you never miss out on a job for which you’d be perfect. Click on “Upload CV” in the top menu bar to create an account and upload your CV. Once your CV is online, recruiters and headhunters can find and contact you with opportunities that they think you’d be suited to.   I’m looking for someone to fill a vacancy. What’s the best way for me to use AngloINFO Jobs? If you have a job to advertise, then AngloINFO Jobs is the best place to find the right candidates. Not only will your job vacancy be shown on all AngloINFO sites whenever someone searches for criteria matching your job, but as a job advertiser you’ll also be able to view the CVs of candidates in our database who match your requirements. So you can actively seek the perfect person.   Why can’t I add new posts to the Jobs Wanted and Jobs Offered Classifieds categories? The new AngloINFO Jobs section offers many more features to help you actively find or advertise jobs. Over the next few weeks we’ll phase out jobs from the Classifieds altogether, so we’ve switched off the option to add new ones. We hope that you’ll advertise your job via AngloINFO Jobs so that you can see the results for yourself. I have paid for a Featured Classified in one of the jobs categories. What will happen to my ad? If you have a live Featured Classified in one of the jobs categories, it will still show in whichever category you paid for it to appear in. If your ad is still live when we switch off the jobs classifieds, we’ll migrate you over to the new AngloINFO Jobs section – but don’t worry, we’ll email you in advance to let you know what will happen. If you’d rather move your job ad to the new AngloINFO Jobs section now, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.   What will happen to existing basic job Classifieds? We hope that people with basic job Classifieds will decide to advertise their properties in the new AngloINFO Jobs section so that they can take advantage of the powerful new features. Eventually, existing basic ads will disappear when we switch off the jobs sections of the Classifieds but we’ll email everyone in advance to let them know what to expect.

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Is it possible to rent office space in a shared office? I would only require a 'cubical' working area with internet and telephone, WC and kitchen.

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We're on a bit of a Euro trip and am trying to get abreast of the local customs before I arrive. Is there anything that a British person could do to unwitingly offend a German in Frankfurt?

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Probably a weird question, but are there any cosplay events in Frankfurt?

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When 02 and eplus merge, is that going to affect my service? Any idea of the repercussions and when it's going to happen?

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Today we remember the men and women on all sides that made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives for their country. Lest we forget.

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Can anyone recommend a craft shop or point me in the direction of a place that sells plaster of paris moulds and candle making supplies?

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