Continous Over charged bill by Vodafone

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Dear All Can you please advice me, on what would be the best step forward. i signed a contract with Vodafone Germany, got my 3 contracts over the phone with customer service. however after three month waiting for the bill to come as promise and agreed (+/- 5%). my bill always comes 20 to 30 Euro Higher, considering any extra charges is deducted. i have sent an official email, but still no luck, they still insisting that it is as per agreement, although i asked them to go back to the voice recording, however the said they do not have any recording. i called them, and send them 3 emails (In English) so far. but my issue still not solved. should i go to a lawyer or it is not worth it, can i consult any organisation to talk to them, or advice me Many Thanks for your time reading my issue, and thank you in advance for your comments Ryan 


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