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What are your favorite German Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle Blogs. Those who also blog in English would be wonder. Thanks

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What's the German equivilent of the UK Sudacrem (used for nappy rash but I use it for my cuts).

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Anyone know of a supplier in Frankfurt (or a supplier or second hand ones).

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Where can I go to get inoculations for a visit to China? Just want to pay a one-off fee and get the job done.

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Anyone got a reccomendation for an orthodentist for children? Needs to be calm, kind and reassuring as unfortuately said child is scared of dentists.

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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get over-the-counter sleeping medication here in Germany?

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking dermatologist in the area?

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My daughter was born with a red mark on her chest and I would like to get a dermatologist's opinion as my paediatrician keeps fobbing me off. Can anyone recommend one in Frankfurt please?

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Does anyone use Bare Minerals makeup? Is it good and where's a good place to source it from?

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Where can I get one of these massage chairs in Frankfurt please? I would be good if there was a sale on at the same time... Thanks

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Got a lumpy rash come up on my side recently and it's quite painful. I'm sure it'll go in a few days but in the meantime anyone know what it could be and if there's a cream to buy?

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Can anyone recommend me a gym in Frankfurt? Ideally not too expensive, somewhwere with the usual machines and possibly a pool/sauna. Thanks!

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Hi all, Where do you start with health insurance etc here? Thanks in advance!

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