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Got a lumpy rash come up on my side recently and it's quite painful. I'm sure it'll go in a few days but in the meantime anyone know what it could be and if there's a cream to buy?


Malcolm-903619 1376657584

Nappyrash cream like Sudacrem in the UK would be good. Also maybe calamine lotion.


DerMcFly 1376917787

Still got it? Sounds suspiciously linke Shingles to me, if you have. In any discomfort with it and do you have any other patches.

Go to the doctor and get it diagnosed.

AllyPallyMally 1377012953

Thanks for your concern. I went to the doctors and in actual fact your diagnosis was right. I appear or have shingles. He also expalained it causes pains in the shoulders and back sometimes and that rang true with me as I'd be suffering for a few days before the rash came out.

Nothing to do but wait I suppose. I feel a bit better today though.

DerMcFly 1377104035

Glad you have got a diagnosis now.

Remember that you're contagious to people that haven't had chickenpox before, though. Get well soon.

AllyPallyMally 1377172271


I've been dabbing alcohol on to it which has dried it up a bit, then rubbed skin healing cream in. Still sore.

Alfred-913267 1381233015

I had that once and it really wasn't nice at all. The rash took months to go. Hope you feel better soon.

AllyPallyMally 1381451353

Yes thank you. Felt okay within a few weeks but the rash is still there. Albeit less red and more pink.

Applying skin healing cream to try and made it disappear!

Alfred-913267 1382715413

How does the rash look now? Did the skin healing ceam work? What brand was it?

AllyPallyMally 1383155314

Have been using sudacrem (that they use for nappy rash) but it hasn´t made it go away. There´s still blotchyness there unfortunately. Hopefully time will be the best healer.

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