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Hi all, I am looking for an affordable kitchen appliance supplier. In particular i need a double oven, cook top, and range hood. What are good affordable brands here in Germany? any advice would be greatly appreciated :) kind regards

started by: Malcolm-903619 · last update: 1429021575 · posted: 1428918704

Is there such a thing and where whould I get one please? The air in the city feels dirty to me at the moment and I'd love to be able to breathe easily in my flat.

started by: Alfred-913267 · last update: 1426677728 · posted: 1426166904

Where woudl I be able to buy bonsai trees from. I tried my local garden centre but couldn't see any threre. What are they called in German please?

started by: Bites · last update: 1425894717 · posted: 1425894717

Is there an English-speaking firm of architects in Frankfurt please?

started by: SuzyInGer · last update: 1424356776 · posted: 1423230523

I have got more shows than I have floor space in my wardrobe. Has anyone come up with a simple cheap storage solution?

started by: AllyPallyMally · last update: 1417513226 · posted: 1416826077

Where would I be able to buy shed felt in Frankfurt? Does anyone know?

started by: Malcolm-903619 · last update: 1412866720 · posted: 1412681181

Need a pair of curtains altering. Would anyone be able to do tis for me or let me know of someone that could?

started by: AllyPallyMally · last update: 1406545564 · posted: 1405935608

Is there a company that repairs leather after a cat has used the sofa to sharpen its claws on? GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR

started by: SuzyInGer · last update: 1399459124 · posted: 1399028084

Is there a specialist oven cleaning company in Frankfurt or nearby? The one we have inherited will not come clean by my scrubbing.

started by: SuzyInGer · last update: 1398676024 · posted: 1397727946

Is it possible to buy trees (in particular oak) online?

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Looking for a supplier and installer of awnings as I want one for my balcony.

started by: SuzyInGer · last update: 1394630940 · posted: 1394536777

Looking for a brand of chopping board (must be wooden) that is dishwasher-proof. Anyone have any ideas?

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Is there a place to buy range cookers in Frankfurt? Ideally looking for a electric / gas dual fuel model.

started by: AllyPallyMally · last update: 1386238028 · posted: 1384899325

Do you have carpet in your flat? Ours doesn't have it and I was wondering if this is standard here?

started by: SuzyInGer · last update: 1373627457 · posted: 1372170333

Which plants grow best in Frankfurt and this area of Germany. I would like to try and create a low maintenance balcony garden that isn't going to succumb to my ineptitute. 

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A friend of mine just got a job offer here and is looking to move over... anyone with good suggestions for finding a flat?I got my flat through a stroke of luck, but she's not in the same position. Help appreciated :)

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