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Is there a company that offers to walk you dog for you? I'm dog sitting for a neighbour but the pooch takes alot of walking and my knees are starting to play up.

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English-speaking vets in Frankfurt area wanted please. Any recommendations?

started by: Malcolm-903619 · last update: 1406545422 · posted: 1402491410

Can someone recommend a cattery in the Frankfurt area. It's for a friend. Thanks.

started by: Bites · last update: 1392893407 · posted: 1391678430

Looking for a reputable breeder of German Angora Rabbits.

started by: Ted the Bear · last update: 1357252281 · posted: 1357252169

Does anyone have any experience with boarding kennels around here? We're off at quite short notice.. English speaking preferred.

started by: calamityjane-878206 · last update: 1353961556 · posted: 1353342192

Hi, do I need to worry about microchipping my new puppy? (used to live in France, where it was complusory). Not au fait with the German system yet...

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