Dog walkers

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Is there a company that offers to walk you dog for you? I'm dog sitting for a neighbour but the pooch takes alot of walking and my knees are starting to play up.


Alfred-913267 1428064862

Returned the dog to its owner now but they're talkng about a 3 week vacation in July. Need to get a dog walker sorted by then or else I'll be doing it again.

TheChiefKaiser 1429021624

Go on then, I'll walk your dog. Where are you?

Alfred-913267 1429263851

I knew my pleas wouldn't go unanswered. I've sent you an email about  the deatails of my location as didn't want to advertsie it on an open forum.

My knees have recovered since and I'm feeling better. However, two walks a day for a couple of miles each time takes its toll on a poor old 70 year-old's body.

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